Dear Readers: Thank You

I apologize for my latter than usual start today, but I had to do a bank appointment.

So first, I wish to do my Daily Gratitude and today it is to my readers.

this blog averages 150 hits day, and I have been creeping upwards to where I am almost ready to say 200 a day average, but today when I logged in to view the stats since the last post…the personal best day for this blog is 294 – so I was really happy to see 244 hits and it’s only 13:00ish or 1:00 PM in my Pacific Time Zone.

So thank you dear readers. Agoraphobic Philosopher.

Queen ChristinaDangerous Losses


Nina and the Heathers Nina with Elvis and GreaseNina Repo Man

Raw Recovery Specialist:

I drove my Mom to Surrey Place Mall… City Centre Mall, whatever they have re-branded it to; to drop in on Coast Capital Credit Union.

I prefer Credit Unions to Banks and in Canada they operate under the same rules, and my banking is not so complex that I can’t do my own taxes. The forms in Canada are pretty basic math that any high school grade should be able to complete, yet, it’s one of the first things one hires a “professional” for.

The worst is to tell your return to grinder mill business, or your pay-cheque to a Money Mart. High School Graduates should have the math skills to understand compound interest and aggregates of fractions, if not: insert Superman 3 Richard Pryor.

superman_iiiWorking_Girls_DVD_cover nine_to_five

Pop Culture Reference, Gag Punchline, Simile, Metaphor, allusion and allegory. Gen X Culture Stopper, Superman being born of Comics and a quasi Christian Jesus story in “literary high toned adult culture” as if all of that isn’t reduce-able, and needfully so into children’s stories. 

art of the masses is the low art, the adult children who see and cannot do mostly because they don’t. This is why there is art therapy and children’s wax crayons, coloured leads/pencil crayons to pastels and oils are the new therapy  for the 35 to 50 year olds, the Gen X and Y;  Cramped in cubicles, with Boomers in the Offices and the Millenials boomeranging the 1970s over us like the Boomers did the 60s and the 80/50s Gays to Heteros…. 


Anyway, we did, dealt with the matter and then took a Mall Walk for exercise.


Anyway: thank you dear readers… this should be a day.


I am going to make my first pass through filling out an application for the class action on behalf of women against the RCMP.

it has been in the newspapers, so I feel sort of safe mentioning it, but then I start worrying about Bill C-51…and the ….this is a video of my Uncle from 1992….about the Canada Secret Act and how it applies to public service employees even after they leave the public service.



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