International Women’s Day 2016

The first women’s movement occurred in The Stone Age, when people grouped in Clans and women lived long enough to be Grandmothers.

This ensured the passing on of wisdom, and the means of hunting and gathering information. Language. Language that was consistent in word, face and body language.

The Mens likely do not herald that, as it means The Mother In Law. 

In any event, in the Modern Era, the Common Era born of the Colonial Victorian Antiquian Age and the end of the European Nations as a meaningful world power individually, now collectively known as The European Common Union,

religion is like a penisRoyal Families of Europe I hear Banjos

so Dear Britain, get over yourself and into the program, the Royal Family hails from Germany anyway eh?

jack the ripperGood TIme Girls on nthe Stroll

The Suffragettes: The UK Edition: When Women Used Violence as a weapon.

abolitionistswomen passing for war

The Weaker Sex? Violence and the Suffragette Movement ……/weaker-sex-violence-and-suffragette-moveme…

Mar 3, 2015 – The press used the same language to describe the actions of Irish ….amid other examples of cultural violence: the British Museum had mummy  …

Suffragettes – History Learning Site…in…/suffragettes/

Home » The Role of British Women » SuffragettesShe felt that any violence or trouble would persuade men that women could not be trusted to have the right  …

Why did the Suffragettes turn to Violence – John D Clare

When you read the accounts of the suffragettes, they often describe what they did …women used violence – some Suffragists actively opposed the Suffragettes.


Suffragette – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


screen-shot-2012-08-09-at-9-03-38-amchild sex work

Anyway, The Next Big Epoch in Feminism after Obtaining the Vote – note, both men and women cast a ballot which counted as a vote.

Christine Craft too old too ugly and not deferntial to menLesbian Nuns and Coming Out Stories

Men Voted. Women Voted. Women did not Ballot Cast, eh?

Us vs ThemWarrior Marks Alice Walkerlove or hate


The WWII Rosie the Rivetter: When Women Marched into Male Workspaces


Henrietta Lacksrights now

Plus, the world was suddenly missing it’s prime age breeding stock, WW1 and WW2 took such horrific daily running totals of POW, MIA, wounded/dying, and Dead, that today’s wars are running longer over time with far more death of suicide than combat.

A thought to consider what means “Boots on the Ground” and supporting troops means the Veterans, and the current troops and electing politicians who are diplomats to prevent putting military in combat. War is a failure of diplomacy.

UhuraNina with Aimee & Jaguarscience v religion women divide

Perhaps we need a check and balance committee at the UN that only nations with the least war records need to teach the art of diplomacy…

Wonder Woman Secretary SuperheroNina and Elenor Roosevelt


The 1970s, the Bra Burning Era and the Equal Rights Amendment. America: Roe v Wade

Reproductive Rights, Family Planning and Technical Medical Assistance to be or not to be, pregnant.

Iceland, the women all strike, including one of the very few Women Presidents.

hoodie vs justiceERA now

Women’s strike: 40 years on – Iceland Monitor


population markersPopulation to technology


1990s – Spice Girls and Lesbian Chic: Girl on Girl, in who’s gaze? GRL PWR

Male DominationThe concubine's children denise chong

the AIDs era, begun in the 1970s became an everyone’s problem, it was the first new STD in a very long while – the last great disease era being that of The Pox The Victorian Era, when there became the rise of chemicals and formulations…

The First AIDS Decadebee-colony-collapse-disorder-illustration

Gwen Jacob’s Toplessness at the University of Toronto leads to legal nudity, in Canada..

09 14 2011Nina Tryggvason and Mom April 23 2012

9/11….the Common Era resets…Before World War 1, all poetry had to follow rhyme and format – and the way one knew that they really had a good one was that others copied the format, or better yet, wrote reply poems – but mostly, it was the format followed that created the poetic form formulas.

Whos diaryreligion vs sciencethe burka bondage scale

After WW1, the world lost all rhyme and reason, WW2 all sense and sensibility

5,000 dead a day then; now- compared to 5,000ish for a decade of war


Stone Age Cultures against Cultures that could bomb the world into such a slag heap that there might possibility not be another age of anything. at all. whatsoever.

Act upbridget bustedNorma_Rae

Life is short and suffering is optional – we need to stop choosing to offer that to others, eh?

the debate is over 97lives matterGlobal Warming and CO2


The mere fighting over the word or phrase “marriage” vs “civil union” demonstrates the the difference in emotional loading of the words; but they also convey a different meaning.

Marriage creates a legal kinship, whereas “civil union” does not it creates the bridge and legal slippery slope into people as incorporated entities (wills and estate, property and chattel, of which, humans used to be deemed, from female spouse to offspring and slaves.)

Corporations are businesses, legal entities, and in America in this era, they have been given personhood, in a land where people are no longer individuals but a brand.

brand, a logo burned or tattooed onto property, now the badge of self.

water and airplanned obsolescence


Tryggvason Google Me doodleThose Who Can

the last time I attended a political rally was right after the conservatives won a minority goverment and Stephen Harper appointed Rona Ambrose as the Minister of the Status of Women.

“Equality” was removed from their mandate and their offices and staff reduced from 17 to 5. It caused a massive de-funding of community centres for women and health care collectives were particularly impacted.

The Women’s Health Information, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba disappeared in 2015…

Rona Ambrose is the Temp.Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, and they did offer the first woman PM of Canada – Kim Campbell, to finish out Mulrooney’s term and oversee the end of the Tories – the Progressive Conservatives in Canada.

Canada women historyMichelle Obama Military Homeless Quote

Demographic Women of Sexuality

Drug Trauma Denial 9 to 5

Women’s Bodies


UN Aid rape dependantQA4hiDb

Women and Elections


A War on Women is on society




Women memes and social commentary images

inter-racial-marriageSuffragette March, London 1911

Missing Women



War on Women: Battleground Cologne


f_52c07c5316Respecting Religion

Women of Science Posts

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