GOP: Hierarchy vs Grassroots

America was founded on the idea of the individual as the social unit of consequence, rather than families – nuclear, clan or dynastic.

The American Political Party Organization is a machinery for offering candidates for the party’s voters to assess and select as their champion.

the base likes Trump and the party committee doesn’t like him, so who’s party is it?

So it is curious that the myth of the party delegate system of selecting who runs and who does not is at complete odds with the Big Names and Bigger Dollars to create such obvious political theatre and ending the illusion that it is votes that matter.

We have already seen that failure of the Electoral College when it returned Bush over Gore, and machines counted and tabulated when they were owned by Republican favoring business interests.

Most nations, people are not allowed to have a free vote and it would seem that in the nation that invented the concept, it was just a showcase of theatre.

America: the best government that citizens feel the need to be armed against.



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