Creationists: the Eyes Have it

Creationists like to point to the human eye as proof of God’s work and perfection.

They claim something that complicated couldn’t have just happened and that complexity is not reducible. This is utter rubbish and nonsense, and reducing complexity into simpleness is the allegory, metaphor, allusion, simile process to cliche points, which is so truthful that we seek to ignore it.

Octopuses have way better eyesight than humans, most creatures can in fact, see hear and smell more than we do. Plus, most have some form of defense and offence, which Humans have just the one really – the brain controlled brawn. Lizard brain survival, Ape Brain thrival and the Human Cortex where the quantum calculations are done, possibility and probability, what we see, or envision to be, where there is none to see, seeing, sawing, sawn…

From single celled to multi-cells, creatures with organ systems, the skeleton inside or out, adaptions to environment and niche occupying, which is why there are so many variations on themes, divergent evolution, while effective forms repeat in water, land and air mediums.

BBC – Future – The ‘sea-nomad’ children who see like dolphins

Cave salamander – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

crossing the Is and dotting the Ts, no, other way ’round.

I think one of the funniest things about people who debate for creationist views are still using the same claims made 100 years ago, which have long since worn through, threadbare.

It is also why it is boring to talk to religious people, they never get out of the zero sum, and share little interest in anything of interest. That they all have the same zero evidence rarely occurs.


So.. for Queers to have allies, it took Parents of and Friends of to say – it’s not okay to discriminate and have standing as being on the correct side of social progress, Good Guys.


Where it is more challenging for Athiest, Humanists, Secular Thinkers, Free Thinkers, Scientists and Science worker and educators, is for people to stand with science is to leave religion.


Religion is not something that is as simple as Sexuality, which has as Heteronormative with the options of a same gender monosexuality or both gender attraction bisexuality; with the modern era possibility of surgical gender transformation to opposite or points in between, as well as hermaphrodite options at birth; leading to the pansexuality variation.

Religion claims a status of being a social good generally and then allowing for a bizarre interfaith equalism of we’re all really equal but different, with “fundamentalist literalness” being confused for the bad violent side, despite being the devoutest with the cherry picking moderates who claim various cherry picking methods of apologists when it’s embarrassing or burdensome and sliding into spiritual, just cultural community practices, no one really takes it that seriously as if those are real believers, when they are practically as the infidels and pagans and heretics.

Spirituality is more the neo-paganist romantic drum beating while wearing a crystal and pyramid hat to cleanse my chakras before my hot yoga class. Spirituality is where people who don’t want to pay to be a member, create their own personalized religion, which is just as valid as one invented by anyone else, regardless of how long their ideas have been recycled….

From personality cults, there arose religions, and from that, the secular modern era of bumper sticker psyche and Snake Oil Traditions merged with the motivational industry, into a secularization of religion into workplace practices and management fads.

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$cience vs Religion$


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