Media Ga-Ga: Content vs Format is Medium

TV Broadcast and home VCR (Video Cassette Recorders: cue VHS vs Betamax reference)

Platos cave modern eratelevision-history-timeline772066351852676897

Pay per channel or pay per view, watch once and forever archive?

Movies are just audio books with pictures right?

Video Killed the Radio Star

TV series, once sought syndication, now it’s all about the repackages



Where once you got a copy of a thing; now you get a Blu Ray, a DVD and a Digital Copy

Keep one and give two away?

why does one person need so many copies of the same thing


I became curious about religion because of Elvis Presley, and when I was a child in Canada in New Westminster, I attended 2 churches.

The first was a southerns baptist style, and in 1970, that minister jumped around the stage and hollered into a microphone and there was a light show. It was astonishing theatrics and I was rivetted.

My bestpal of the day, a girl named Kay and my Sister could not wait to leave they were utterly bored and could not believe that I had wasted a Sunday morning on this. They were going home and were even more stunned that I said “Okay bye” and headed downstairs to the basement for the second act – a woman teacher.

She was boring, because I don’t remember her, she did give us comic books to take home. A comic book with the garden of eden story. Black and white drawings are easily made into colouring books, eh? anything that’s a toy, it is easy to ignore the alleged “educational” value and it is impossible to know what lessons are really being taken away or given.

nichelle-nicholsdefending the earth

Anyway, I showed my Mom the comic, because she was thrilled with the idea that I wanted to go to church. As it turned it, she had been raised in the Canadian version of the Pentacostal tradition that Elvis Presley grew up in as a child.

My Mom flipped through the comic book and told me that I wouldn’t be going back there.

What the comic showed was a white Adam and Eve who were turned into Black Adam and Eve as their mark of sin.

Now, what a group tells it’s children is what it really believes and I never did attend there again in the audience – I did got back once more as a member of my grade school choir Richard McBride Elementary, which is still there and that Church is not. Not even the structure. We sang secular songs.

Anyway, I attended Knox Presbyterian for a while, as long as I only had to sit through the first part of the full service, to sing in the choir and then do the kids bit where I asked enough questions to make the other kids ask questions, then I discovered that tv program, and church and tv when a kid has a choice? Puh-leeze.


Kids are People Too – and I thought how can there be a question of that, given the fuss made over the making of such people.


The human brain is the most complex computer known to exist on this planet and it is manufactured by largely unskilled labour.

SONY DSC too lazy to actually play with toys, we make toy versions of our toys. we have digitized imagination and childhood.81GxzVloOTL._SL1500_

That so many religions demand second spare sons as beginner monks or altar boys, generation after generation… money for nothing and altar boys for free

and in politics, the Republican Nightmare: Live Boy/Dead Girl and that the boy aspect is more seriously considered than the dead aspect….

gotta wonder.. what’s so great about being good enough to marry eh?

Dear ladies against women: think of the children, your own. Leave other people to manage for themselves and clean up your own backyards.


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