Life: Quality vs Quantity

Right to Die Society of Canada

Supreme Court rules Canadians have right to doctor-assisted

Rodriguez v British Columbia (AG) – Wikipedia, the free …

Ethics, Euthanasia & Canadian Law :: Robert Latimer


Canola seed incident that killed 2 girls claims life of 3rd …



Lifecyle Management of our lives, birth, childhood, teenaged, young adult, adult, senior elder, death.

Life is what happens and shapes our potential and limits it, participation…

child rights and entitlements balanced with responsibility and play free time.

teens, graduating towards adulthood ….


mid life crisis, when you realize high school never ends, but the music you played then is on the oldies station.

failure to launch…..

69595515_d7dddd925dAL and AI

List of countries by suicide rate – Wikipedia, the free …

The Science Behind Suicide Contagion – The New York Times

Revisiting the Contagion Hypothesis: Terrorism, News …

Extracting patterns from Global Terrorist Dataset (GTD …


Canada, home to the suicide capital of the world – Macleans …

In 2011, the community of roughly 2,400 had a suicide rate equivalent to 250 per 100,000—nearly 20 times that of Canada, and far and away …


MetropolisDid no one watch RoboCop

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