Dear Politicians: about The Children

There are very few families that speak well of politicians to their children.

Our Grandparents watched the News and and Our Parents watched the News, and I grew up in an era where a Used Car Salesman was more trustworthy a profession than Politician.


In most places, where corruption is the order of business or where there are pretenses to be enacted, thinking people tend to say the word “politician” in the same tone as one reserves for the word “pedophile”.

220px-Bob_roberts_posterMV5BMTI2MDk5MjE4NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMjkwNTU3._V1._SX450_SY657_Used Cars

pedophile, politician, lobbyist, CEO, used car salesman, police….

people trust Firefighters more as they risk their lives, police do as well on a more frequent basis

Pirate-Radio-Soundtrack-Cover-450x447 Jack Davenport Pirate 2009_pirate_radio_010 conservatives are the status quo to overcome

The Model of the Modern Major General, Military Service was a common path towards citizenship and once upon a time a critical checklist for political office. To Command and Obey…. Ah, but in the Global Common Era, it is important to be aware and to remember:

“I was just following orders” is not a legal defense in the court of law, even though it may be in the eyes of the public – therein lies the difference, laying one’s life down for a purpose as opposed to doing what one must to survive.

Office Space 9 to 5 movie poster The rat race

Movies are a way to gauge and understand the public mode, they let loose our various fantasies of justice, revenge and payback, The Great Oscar said the only way to tell the truth to anyone is to make them laugh. Tragedy, Drama and Comedy… time and distance.

People do what works and business paradigm shifting is corporate culture… suppliers, labour providers and customers…stockholders disrupt the balance, companies once be worth what they could produce and stocks became an entirely other type of product.

For a Government, the shareholders are The Citizens, who pay the taxes and vote on the direction they seek the money to be spent, and it is ebb and flow,  pools of hoarding, to market to market to buy a Bull or Bear market….oh where oh where can experts be?

It is telling that the mathematical system of understanding chance and probability was developed by gamblers.

Thank you for smokingMerchants of Death booze guns tobaccoFood Inc

Understanding Political Theatre


REAGAN THATCHERNina and Metropolisthe amazing adventure

Inclusion should never be political



Technology images and homages



Geometric Math is Navigation, Stats are Sociology


MPW-31588 metropolis-1927-poster-for-1984-everett threads-1984-movie-poster


Tesla: How a meme is created

bp-posterEdisonFrankensteinbecause capitolism

not.just.saying, eh!

120_THE_COVE_e?xe?:Mise en page 1 old_yeller_2134maxresdefault

Won’t someone think of the children? Actually, it’s why most children’s stories are about having to kill things.


Won’t someone think of a way that childhood doesn’t have to be so brutal so as to prepare them for the reality of their socio-economic life? Well mostly because that is a romantic western idea and doesn’t really hold true under statistical scrutiny.

Otherwise, we’d end the creating of a society that invents illness for business models and have people who claim to be law abiding gun owners to actually abide laws that are reasonable, and to resist such is to be unreasonable. Not being able to manage one’s emotions in a conversation does not hold much hope of managing yourself in a conflict of escalation where lethal force is a potential outcome for what is and should have been, no more than a discussion.

Speaking Screaming Shooting is not how public debate of issues should be conducted.

mass.shootings 2nd amendment

Worst mass shootings of civilians by civilians?

When does crime become terrorism?

The world is not safer when everyone has a gun, the world is safer when everyone offers a dignity of person to each other; and I have to wonder, why, with cell phones having gone from a 3 pound brick to credit card thin…I guess it depends on if it’s an item of convenience or something more compensating.


speaking in points or pointed speaking? better than weapon points…

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