The TV-compontants and accessories: VR don’t confuse the tubes

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The Evolution of the Computer…@work and @play – passive tv vs active gaming

old-cpo dragonslair20

it is interesting that as some technologies merge into multi-purpose machines, others are being stripped on, gadget or application add-ons in a stack.


Why is the Television not morphed into a Screen with slots for blue ray, DVD or computer disk, with the remote control expanded into a keyboard built into the arm of the chair by now?

1354010606OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAplaystation-move-bundle

The Life Supporting Cubicle Work Environment don’t mix up the feeder tube with the waste removal ones, eh?



Computers used to be work calculators, replacing the typewriter and the ledger book. Words and Numbers.

In the days after VHS vs Betamax, there was PC vs Mac. Lo did Mac become the fun one, visually oriented with primative graphics and barfing sounds when it ejected a disc, and paper crinkle sounds when you tossed a file into the bin.


Then, Windows DOS looked around…. business at work… but at home people play: windows 3.1 was born, the desktop.

defending the earthatari2600-100022448-large

From the arcades there were at home gaming machines.

nichelle-nicholsfraggle rock season 1 set

Colecovision, Intellivision, Atari, Ninento, Sega, Xbox and Playstation, Wii.

2631526-move bionicwomanmodelkit

Each game system adding another layer of realism of once getting people onto their asses, now getting them off their asses. Bringing outside to the inside.



Long have gamers been promised the game wired into direct brain control, but you know, I am not sure that I would be prepared to experience a sudden death shock from a sniper or animal attack in a video game, and I think there are a lot of people who would be too and be rather unprepared for that experience.

1340125476_battle_ship_board_game_progressboots on the grounds5b8

The first at home games – Atari games like Battlezone and the Mech-Tech games, that 3 D Bird’s Eye View that offered the Godeye overview brought the games into a new demention.

SONY DSC too lazy to actually play with toys, we make toy versions of our toys. we have digitized imagination and childhood.

The force feedback gamer hand helds that morphed from joysticks and paddles, offered another, very akin to the feedback of the steering wheel and the vibration one experiences in a vechicle, planes trains and automobiles – buses, carts and carriages, the Public Common vs the Private Opulence of Vehicle.


I can’t think of anything more frustrating as pointlessly being down healthometres or wasted progress and that makes the exciting action more grindering and it tires me out to even think about playing it.

Nina and Sports81GxzVloOTL._SL1500_

I prefer the more freeform games that do not arcade herd one along a main storyline, wherein the games abruptly end.


Playability and enjoyability are critical game factors and too many hidden costs, not only like having to pay to play the game after you bought the thing.


Designing games both for Players and Modders, thus players who enjoy mods, vs ones who play the game, with official add-ons or not.


hardcore, to core to mainstream, market to market and niche to niche


I stopped playing all the Civilization and City simulators because it was too much like work, and it was all about budget, they are an excellent way to understand economic policies and leveraging technology….

Nina and CivolutionNina and Cleo

The Sims I stopped playing too, because I resented the SecureRom intrusion that cost me having to completely do-my Harddrive from install discs, somewhere back in The Sims 2.

Custom_1265215422522_sims10 sims-3-expansion-pack

Now, for people trying to learn social skills and norms, I very much recommend the game.

1118223525 afterburner

It was the first video game that attracted equal parts men and women, and it also was critial for the globalized acceptances of gays and lesbians, because, in The Sims, everyone is bisexual, it all depends on how one behaves towards each other.

tetrisworld of warcraft




caprica-featuredChange Margaret Meme

in case of fireSputnik

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