The quantum brain

As the requesting blogger, I greatly appreciate this well phrased explanation of Classical Physics Developing into Quantum Mechanics.

While I went to college, I didn’t study the hard sciences, but I am from a very science and arts oriented family. I did arts and Earth Sciences, which oddly ended up merging with understanding Migraines, barometric pressure and locality and constitution of person.

A Canadian Scientists recently won a Nobel Prize for her work with memory, which certainly will be part of the back and forth upcoming between this my my dykewriter blog.


This should be very fun and I think the matter of the Observer Taints the Observed is part of the Double Slit, what can be observed depends on the tools and tests used.


That Double Slit that captures a waveform or captures it one particle as a time, as each firing puts out the other possible of the pathway; does it not?




I have been asked to write some thoughts on the quantum brain and, rather than just regurgitating Wikipedia, I thought I would give a thumbnail sketch of what I have learnt about quantum mechanics …

Source: The quantum brain

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