Technology and Ethics


Photography captured what was real and not what was idealized as in paintings.

The documented and recorded history and pop culture is how we represent ourselves.

in 1989, the TV Guide, a massive publication found in most homes, put Oprah Winfrey on it’s cover – her head anyway. The Body was Ann-Margaret.

They removed Oprah’s blackness and fatness from audiences who already knew what she looked like.



Photography was not actually the pure recording and documenting tool people thought it was and the Cottington Fairies demonstrated that immediately, it was a medium that could be manipulated as easily as text is: images are worth 1000 words for a reason.

In the early days of photo manipulation, it was done in camera, in the darkroom and eventually photos cropped and eventually digitially edited to the point that our photographic history is now suspect and as subjective as history itself.

Just like film, the infamous Hitler Jig Dance was not dancing, it was more prancing walking and looped to appear as a dance.

Brain Injured or Hoaxing?

Every now and then, a person shows up without memories or a sense of identity, often injured – often they are recognized from media accounts, or they start a new life and eventually some memory returns. Having brain events and … Continue reading


Wooo Hoax Fraud

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