Blogroll Deletion: Living Well Section

I have removed the Vancouver PotHead Shop – from my list of recommended businesses.

Last year, I purchase the top end vaporizer The Herbalizer; previously I used the Silver Surfer Vaporizer, which I deem the better product for cost, maintenance and usage experience


I am unhappy with my experience with the Herbalizer. It didn’t come with a warranty card and my email to the company was not responded to.

The bags cost too much, create too much trash and become useable too quickly, it;’s the neck design, they should have those silicon neck collars be fillable with the bag, not the whole thing a replacement. Also their wand tip is unpleasant.


As for Cottonmouth, I purchased the herbalizer on the recommendation of their staff with assurance of having product support. As it turns out, no one else who bought them uses the bags, so they are not stocking them, and my having gone two months in a row with the owner acting as if he is helpless to solve the issue of having product and stocking it and this is how customer service word of mouth builds in a community.

I managed to walk up to the store door this week, but I wasn’t even able to put my hand on the door to try a third time.  After all, crazy is when you do the same thing and expect a different result.

So anyway, today I left the house at 10:thirty and got back home at 2:thirty – with an hour to spare from my Comfort Time Zone, so YAY ME.

I drove between 2 semi-trucks trying to cut me off to get onto the Patullo Bridge, The Second Most Terrifying Bridge in the whole of the GVRD/BC regional district; the Lion’s Gate being the other, and the same vintage of bridge in terms of when built, but Pattullo between New Westminster’s rail road exchange and Surrey to the Delta harbour, it’s a steel bridge, while the Lion’s Gate was a finer three lane for the Fancy West Vancouver and the North Vancouver – a Suspension Bridge.

There is a famous American Bridge crash of that same kind of span and era that occurred in the mid 1960s, it turned out it was the metal refining of the time and how we learned about metal fatigue. Lower temperature, hand pounded, impurities, weathered over time and straining, they would crack, shifting the weight bearing load ever so slightly so, until finally, there is one crack too many and the load cannot be born by the span.

Pop goes the Rivets and the Rings and down comes the span.

the rest of the drive was pretty straight forward.

But at the hospital, I was in the hallway and I observed the machinery to the one side and the rack on wheels across from it, and despite being closer to the hallway narrowed, I stepped to the side, to allow a nurse pushing a patient on the bed and she was eyeballing the narrrowed gap and when she looked up to navigate, she seemed surprised that I had already moved aside.

as she passed by me I said, “Forget GrandtheftAuto, we need Hospital Horrors in the Corridors games eh?”

She laughed and said yes.


It was a nice feeling to create a funny moment for someone in a tough job.


The drive home was okay and I wonder why with the success of the bridge barricade, why hasn’t it been extended up on the New Westminster side to better separate the on the bride to the up Royal Ave exist and create the traffic calming that was done with signage on the Lion’s Gate with the West Van 2 lanes and North Van 2 lanes merging down into 2 lanes or 1, depending on the time of day and the weekday….


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