The GOP’s Trump Problem

Donald Trump, business man, controversy magnet, currently running for CEO of planet earth – has created the pinnacle of Political Theatre; but I wish to assure readers that I am a Canadian – and not voting in the USA election in any way.



Donald Trump has ignored the politician handbook because he is not a politician; he cannot be faulted or have this point over-stressed — he is offering a business alternative.

The Hands on CEO rather than the puppet masters of the Koch Brothers, eh?

pope vs trump_1455822135118_861894_ver1.0_640_360 usa-election-trump

He held more successful events counter to the official Debates, and he has certainly lowered the conversation level to grade 3, and uttered the 7th grade swear word of “Pussy” faux quoting a woman – with such a set up and permission, it would almost have seemed scripted.



toderein  trump-quote-muslim_3520951b

tonight, following Super Tuesday and there being now fewer nominees in his orbit, because he is certainly learning politics very quickly, in the end, when he makes the best deal, he will say he learned to be a politician so that they can’t complain.



While proving he is a business man of the purest American Robber Baron Antiquarian Tradition of craven indifference with outrageous charm, giving the people exactly what they want a spectacle.

trump-wall-mexicans tumblr_o0j14m6wrO1v3vc99o1_1280

He is a successful business man showing people how to be successful by his person and persona, so there is no excuse or reason to be surprised, Trump U is not exactly different from others with more histories and donated libraries, eh?

But Tonight


Tonight he demonstrated the need for metric in America more than ever.

Tonight he showed off his hands to establish size and proportion and assured us everything was proper and proportional.

Seriously, ruler and rulers… Donald Trump opened the debate with a dick joke.




Now, in college in the 1990s, a professor at Kwantlen College sent a $5 dollar contribution to a politician that he was a fan of and was stunned when he got a thank you letter, rather than the rejection letter he had properly and legally expected. 

This ethics teacher did not report the candidate and used it as a teaching lesson for his class of how to swallow your own morals and ethics for the “greater good” or “common good” ; which is the most subjective and slipperiest of slope – something one can only subscribe to if they do not know that they have ancestors who were culturally genocided, with migrants into assimilation elsewhere and over time. \

actually I think the real worry is when Trump’s appeal broadens and he begins to gain Democratic and Liberal even socialist Occupy Wall Street interest: Tear up Trade Deals?


Ass and Tits can’t be far behind, eh? 


Trump on this Stage or Hillary Clinton ?

so if you want to create interest in a politican’s campaign from another nation, or cost the campaign the cost of refusals.

find out how much they are paying attention…

if you think about it would actually create more jobs and participation…

politicians are merely conduits and funnels, slushes and slashes


Canada and America on the World Stage, then and soon, eh.

u-s-a-vs-canada_o_688350 queen-youre-just-a-country-i-used-to-own-meme

Dear Democrats who are considering moving to Canada,

Bernie Sanders would be leader of Canada’s NDP – National Democratic Party, the socialist grassroots farmers who brought in Universal Health Care, because Canada is a small community kinda nation with only a few big cities.

Hillary Clinton would be akin to our conservatives, because in Canada, your left has been right of our right for so long.

So any Liberals working out their Mea Cupla 60s white guilt should join the conservative ranks, the and your fiscal sustainability socially flexible should join the Liberals and the actually liberal of you should join either the NDP or the Canadian Communist Party, that is actually legal here.

Hey, this is the only country that allowed a Separatist Party to be an establishment party rather than in jail or against the wall as in most nations.

Canada-Memethe Flagwalk

2015: The Year Sex Came to Canada Politics

BaqWUGjCIAASIHd canada-humor-funny-canada-demotivational-poster-1259197173



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