Stop the Job Losses: Boycott Self Serve

It started with Bank Machines, and given the hours of banking, that convenience has collectively cost us our ability to manage our money. Direct Deposit and AutoPayments too.

Then it moved into gas stations, which at least in BC, paying at the pump decreased crime and improved employee safety, but so would having full staff and service.

Now it is in the grocery stores, a move to reduce tellers and to download the work to the consumer.

Today’s Agoraphobic Outing was to London Drugs, who didn’t have a coffee pot in the right level of functionality and cost ratio, and so to Canadian Tire, where I really loath to go.

They didn’t have any cashiers open, just the self serve – by the time we reached the customer service desk, a cashier was located while the staff looked at the Self Help area.

If customers use that, there is no reason for the company to hire staff, and if companies are not going to hire people from the community they operate in, there’s no reason to support the store that doesn’t support back.

Frankly, it is curious to me the changing rewards points systems offered at other stores, while this chain open operates a second currency.


Teller Machines

I refuse to use self service kiosks in stores that should have tellers. You always end up having to call and wait for a person.   Pay at the gas pump I totally agree with, that saves lives and … Continue reading

Bagging area

Psst: I got your Privacy Right Here

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Big Chain vs Little Chain


Proof of Canadian Status

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