Meanwhile, in Canada, eh…

“have a nice day, eh” appears to have morphed into Canadian code for “F-bomb You.”

Hate is not a family value The First AIDS Decade

trees and breathingconsensus gap

Campaign for a marijuna referendumI am canadian

#SuperTuesday: Searches for ‘How can I move to Canada?’ spike

silence Canadian War on Queers

KFC fires manager who fired transgender woman

Alan_Turing_Gayreality checking

Calgary woman granted physician-assisted suicide dies: ‘I would like to pass away peacefully’

population markersafrica

Canadian Labour Congress proposes plan to create 1 million ‘climate jobs’


Residential school survivor wants claim reassessed as documents surface

liberty and justiceNina and The Devil

not just saying: faith is belief absent of proof, it is also creating a virtue of willful stupidity


when they say knowledge is bad in their origin myth, there can be only a gap god …


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