1990s When Lesbian Chic had it’s 15 minutes

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The 1990s Lesbian Chic had it’s 15 minutes of fame – Canada’s kd lang came out, followed by Melissa Etheridge.

The Wall Street 1980s, Nuclear War Phobia, the Berlin Wall coming down and The Brat Pack on the silver screen.

GG dvd the-golden-girls

The Golden Girls, the first sitcom about Older Women, drawn greatly from the 1970s sitcom SOAP, including the being on top or bottom cheesecake chat – and starred 70s sitcom Maude with her mousey Neighbour sidekick playing the Vampy Blanche that nieghourly Rose played on Mary Tyler Moore as Nivens the Nympho.

Gjwhf tumblr_l6r0f5Stcs1qafebso1_500 Xena-and-Gabrielle-share-a-bath-together-Xena-Warrior-Princess

On another station, Xena The Warrior Princess and Gabrielle The Bard with Biceps

AIDs was realized to not be a Homosexual illness and that it had removed almost an entire generation of Heterosexual Adults in Africa, leaving children and infected children to be on the streets or with a grandparent, usually only the grandmother.

It had been in Africa and was too slow a killer virus compared to other viruses, we’re all a plane ride away from Ebola, eh? It wasn’t until homosexual men in America who had the money and position to be examined by medical teams that AIDS and HIV was identified. So the world owes gay men a debt of thanks, not genocide.

The cold war continued in the space accomplishments and that Sally Ride was the first women to walk in space is overshadowed by that she was a lesbian and her lifetime partner gets none of the benefits as her heterosexual colleagues, further reducing her compensation from the Male to Female pay grade and into a lessor status.

ABPO_DVD Sally_Ride_Americas_first_woman_astronaut_communitcates_with_ground_controllers_from_the_flight_deck_-_NARA_-_541940 s-l300

Michael J Fox rebelled against his Liberal Hippie Parents by being a Republican.

canadian-bacon-movie-poster-1995-1020196496 FamilyTies_S6_eCanadian-Bacon_2

Common Culture, Global Culture, Monoculture, Representational and refractional

three-musketeers-1993 Red-Dwarf-frame-6-Gunmen


One drawback of American sitcoms is the small arena, family or work life.

British Sitcoms range more widely over topics and targets

Black Adder and Nina5d1cb4809272fff4e871c1269afb6217

1990s SciFi: Alien Nation


90s Cartoon: Reboot reboots with a sequel


Stem cell research was hampered by religious worship of fetuses while disregarding both the resultant mother and her born child that she shouldn’t have had if she couldn’t afford it. and cloning fears and bioweapons became anxieties – after all – the 1900s started with war changing from melee wars that resolved in single battles or squirmishes over a few weeks or months – Under Prussion Bismarck, artillery and machine gatling guns began the industrialization of war and WW1 and WW2, saw war on an industrial scale, churning through materials and mens at a staggering rate, and there remain tunnels with caves full of explosives, one went off in France in the middle 1960s – war never ends.

the 1980s felt like nukes would fly again, but the world’s stockpile then was enough to end all life on this planet 6 times over, 4 of those times by the USA. so deterrent doesn;t work, when war is part of the economic management of both population management of reducing surplus males, where violent tendencies are harnessed for Nationally Approved Purposes rather than Private Criminal intentions.

Weapons don’t bring peace, they just begat more weapons, something we continue to resist as a species, but then, I anthropomorphize homo sapiens anymore.

Religion hampers Science in many ways, preventing funding for research areas that they deem their god’s domain, because the gap that their god could exist in, if it was the right god, if there is such a thing, the probably of which is so essentially zero that it is a horrid thing to deprive a person of their life, live and let live. work and play well and all that.


A War on Women is on society


What I learned being an Early Adaptor


Vancouver and Housing

Everything old is new again: this short documentary is about the 1990s Vancouver Housing Crisis – including the infamous Francis Street Incident, when the Vancouver Police Department showed up in riot gear, in force, with a helicopter and bulldozer to …Continue reading


Desert Hearts1 fried_green

Xena and Gabrielle: From Subtext to Well Duh

eclectic-artwork kd-lang-cindy-crawford-close-shave

Xena Warrior Princess: Greece to Rome

Time_Magazine_Scientology_covervideo_game_memes_13   aum_cult_of_doom_TIME

Buffy The Vampire Slayer & Angel the Vamp with a Soul

Willara-willow-and-tara-6231146-800-600 tmnt02

TV Shows…Where Tropes Began

x-files-was-fucking-amazing_o_1162470 tumblr_n85l23APHZ1rv5diio2_r2_250

The X-Files New Season

RobinHoodMeninTights_Poster 124887_1223233510699_full

Science Girl TV Shows: needs to be more

Hercules-and-Iolaus-hercules-and-iolaus-32234961-720-480 l-word

Q-TV: The L Metrosexual Queer as Word Folks

tumblr_nvcq0wTXMw1u80hd3o1_500 spin city

Graphically Charting Data: The Sitcom Formulation

enhanced-17869-1402529473-3 friends-cast-logo-t-shirt scumbag-dana-scully-24584 pp32769-friends-milkshake-poster

Growing Up Canadian: Britcoms, Americoms and CanCon

Leia-JenniferAniston Jennifer-Aniston-PrincessLeia-Friends-screenshot

Canada vs America: Culture

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8 Responses to 1990s When Lesbian Chic had it’s 15 minutes

  1. Did sympathetic lesbian characters appearing on the screen make much of a dent in the general social attitude or treatment towards lesbians? (I think asking naive questions like this is about the most useful function I can perform.)


    • dykewriter says:

      people knowing others exist and seeing them humanized, even if outsized on screen helps – but it also helped people in the community to be represented, even if only as subtext


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