1984: Was a Warning, not a Manual


Graphic showing percentage of women in parliament by in a variety of countries; Rwanda becomes the first country to elect a majority of women to parliament. MCT 2008 11000000; krtgovernment government; krtpolitics politics; krtworld world; POL; krt; mctgraphic; 11003004; 11009002; krteln election; krtnational national; krtuspolitics; krtworldpolitics; lower house; national election; VOTE; afghanistan; brazil; china; cuba; france; germany; majority; percentage; rwanda; seats; spain; sweden; uk; usa; women; bell; krt mct e krtaarhus mctaarhus; 2008; krt2008

Graphic showing percentage of women in parliament by in a variety of countries; Rwanda becomes the first country to elect a majority of women to parliament. MCT 2008 


Movie poster advertises 'The Birth of a Nation' directed by D.W. Griffith, 1915.

Movie poster advertises ‘The Birth of a Nation’ directed by D.W. Griffith, 1915.

dw_griffith_battle_of_sexes_movie_poster_2a ABPO_DVD 514EZWGP5NL._SX317_BO1,204,203,200_

Airband started before the 1980s

51PYIlQCRTL._SX333_BO1,204,203,200_ ferraro_custom-c8f7365151f3f68c0cd6179a04e2a07d75955419-s3-c85-150x150 dukakis-for-pres-1988

80s Music Therapy: Frankie Says RELAX

5f0117b3a47c5da1b8fcfd34abc0bbcb tmih-oct-debate1

The 80s as to the 50s


80s Teensploitation: Totally Excellent Dude-Off

772066351852676897 Betavhs2 823431fd5ac1c4798b997613a3b815cd s-l300

80s Music: The Second British New Age Wave

billyidol-billyidol1 I'm_Ready_Natalie_Cole_Album_Coverrebel-yell1

the 1980s were for Queers as the 50s were for hets, and the 70s were when hets queeredbowie and mercury Under pressure David_Bowie_Annie_Lennox_FM_Tribute_Concert-557883094



ONJ and Rick Springfield should duet: Aussie Pop

big-wheel-jump-the-70s 1838a2a9780daa9ab8fab1ffd6ae28d2a427e54f30a276d08b25fcae9381c4a2 1runyaH

ElvisWorld: BioPic 80s vs BioPic 2000s

eGlienVtMTI=_o_kd-lang---pine-stew 874497b5c2c04e8df207f276caf36983 banner_oconnor Sin-ad-O-Connor-wallpaper-sinead-oconnor-35216773-1660-900-500x375c breakfast-club-poster 51+yqCOR53L

80s Movies: Kevin Bacon

Legend_of_Billie_Jean adventures-babysitting-hed-2015

1980s Retro Pinback Button Lesbian Gay Pride Amusing “dip me in honey & throw me to the lesbians” pinback button

Desert Hearts1 fried_green  comp4,0 amiga_3000

80s Movies: Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

old-pc 128357431_c3a4f1079a

The Zombie Apocalypse

MTV-Logo.svg MuchMusic

ZAing The 80s

mobile-phone-evolution-2 2011922-computer-room-1970s-f1257_s1057_it9220

Remember the 80s?



The 1980s: Reagan Did It

16187 Labyrinth_ver2 fb8ea6ea3ec367a6e569e8101707c62f roseanne_s9

80s Power Ballads: “I’ve Never Been to Me”

5c476a3e327b8568e54e10469f1cc42e cosby show o-CHEERS-facebook _original Operation-Solidarity-BW 11342386

prehistoric_google_big indiana-pole-position02 Cabinet-White-top  war games movie last_starfighter il_570xN.566135809_af0q

80s Movie Couples Slide Through Genres

boxshot images

4834994e3b8c40567605066675746c5e A70-6503 100-best-movie-posters-of-the-80-s-5f6d62bb-f4a2-4226-8cf7-f136eec5237a-jpeg-243196 51BK00AHEYL repoman repo-man-a repo-man-collectors-tin

80s Punkploitation Flicks: RepoMan

Repo-man-trunk threads-1984-movie-poster The-Neverending-Story-movie-poster StreetsofFIrePoster2-vi MPW-31588

80s Movies: reinventing the Teen Date Horror Flick

class-of-1984-movie-poster-1983-1020191792 defcon-4-poster-1984 -Footloose-(1984)

80s Rocksploitation: La Bamba

L-0015_The_Last_Starfighter_quad_movie_poster_l 1352081687

if it is really 2016, why does it seem like the 1980s again?


Russia/China cold warring it via Middle Eastern Nations…..Justin-Trudeau-Because-Its-2015reagan_taliban

I remember being taught in school that we shouldn’t look down on cultures or people from them

but I think this is incorrect, we shouldn’t look down on people, only cultures that hold them down

as a women growing up in Canada, being told to be glad that I had 1970s and earlier feminist rights so to no think poorly of men in other nations who hide their women and do not let them participate is not exactly an embracing of cultures, eh?


besides, I only had rights as long as I was assumed heterosexual and I lost them all when I came out as a lesbian in 1993, after my university and college years….

so rights really only mean it’s a right when it’s granted, not when it;s demanded or asserted, but as a given – an entitlement of being a good citizen.


You Date Who they Date

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