Super Tuesday Specials!

Today in American politics is an exciting day to watch from Up North; America being Canada’s Down South.

Today in Super Tuesday where a whole block of wacky states pick which Political Puppy to run in the Grown Up Race for President.

The Democratic Party is running a Man, white and elderly and a Woman, white and mature. The Woman is in the lead and today will fairly determine which of them is the one to run and the party can begin to consolidate – this remarkably dry run off of playing more progressive than thou and in political jargon, mostly jockeying as the better of good choices and it’s about the credentials and accomplishments.

The Republican Party however is in sheer pathoes and ego tragedies on a Greek Theatrical Order. A bunch of caricatures running on issues of character and virtue, while displaying none at all, not even noticing even as they use words, which is actually what irony is – the actors are not getting it, but the audience does.

The line between Expert and Opinion appears to be the narrator, eh; never the twain shall mix.

In the Republican Corner; I expect these two will drop out tomorrow, there is only so much ego that can be bruised until tattered:

The Also Rans:

Carson, an old black guy, -some sort of doctor … I am unsure what exactly qualifies him by his experience

Kasich, an old white guy – a Governor of a Mid Western State … middle cannot hold against the ends.

The First Losers- these two will continue to first for first loser until the final count, I expect

Cruz, a middle aged Latin Redneck, born in Canada but to an American Mom, who will result in a court challenge in litigious America. Congressman who shut down government, then protested said shut down.

Rubio, a middle aged Latin Redneck, born in Florida, USA, to non-citizen parents. Senator, who has shut down government’s functioning.

His to Lose: Donald Trump, old white boomer, personifies what is wrong with capitalism and is more wall street than any other candidate. He certainly is his own economy and is more brand than person, which raises the question of whether he is running as Donald Trump a person or Donald Trump Incorporated, in what will turn into a court challenge of the most interesting concept of personhood and citizenship… national corps vs international corps and ….


Donald Trump proves what I have always said about politics; it takes more qualifications to sort mail in the department than to be elected The Minister of It. 



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