Rights: Entitled, Asserted, Denied

Rights are something guaranteed by law, but the actual social practice

and the policing thereof, means that there is no even application

Individual experience will vary, depending not on them-self,

but on the stereotypes of their demographic, geography of birth.

Which has too much bearing in how people then behave towards, thus shaping the individuals’ experience and thus understanding of the world and their place in it.

Entitled have such here it is that others then must be vocal and remind that rights exist for all,however, there are always exceptions, as how can one be assured of one’s rights, unless it is observable that there is denial.

Since, even when granted – rights, assured by law, there remains a lag

a social stutter, as those who saught to extend further embrace and move onto the next

then those who seek to exclude, fearmonger and whine “politically correct”

as if ,,, as if the idea of correct can be adverbed by politics.


politics are the ultimate smoke and mirrors, dog and pony show, shake the baby and kiss the hand.

no, baby shaking is bad, mush brains in soft heads, everyone is a psychopath until they are socialized, some, never learn.

Pirate-Radio-Soundtrack-Cover-450x447   Whos diarySONY DSC

Rights mean everyone speaks for themselves, except children, they do not have the same rights as adults, because they do not have the responsibility of adults.

However, this idea of 1 adult telling another – control another’s reproduction is denying rights of sovereignty from women.

Yes, a male contribution is needed – however the biological cost is borne by her, thus, it is her decision that matters – which is why rape is not a legit means of conception.

As for who speaks for the fetus, the person carrying it – not anyone else and especially not an unrelated stranger and their chosen religion.

Eddie Murphy Rawbechdel-ruleWild West movie poster

There are 7 billion plus people in the world, so we need to find ways to better get along, or there is no world for us or anyone or anything after, eh.

Rights only matter when they are extended, after that, we’re supposed to be people to each other: and religion is primarily why we do not see each other that way.

History of the world splash screenGravity

the arts – literature, books, tv and movies, theatre plays and music, is often the first way we encounter each other….it’s why they are censored along with science.


Humans are adaptive and we occupy a range of societies, offering niches.

can-a-robot-write-a-symphony120_THE_COVE_e?xe?:Mise en page 1

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