It’s New York with it’s New Jersey Sidekick, where one dumps the bodies.


New Jersey is the Iconic tome town of what happens to company towns on the industrial scale – Three Mile Island, Love Canal – Erin Brockovich to the rescue – how did the real woman not get asked by the Democratic Party to run as a Politician?

I mean, I known she was a legal secretary and there is a distance one wants to keep from lawyers and politicians, the only profession better respected is used car salesmen, eh?

The New Jersey Governor is completely beholden to Donald Trump, Mr Manhattan.

It looks like a hostage video and in many ways it was, position position position or rather location; locality, vicinity.



I have been trying to locate it on the internet, and it is completely insane that I can’t because it was something that was in my college textbook on business writing.

It was called “The Three Island Mile Memo”

It was a blur of bureaucratic and business language with the barest scant of engineering language, so the memo was:

BLAH BLAH BLAH blarty blarty might melt down blarty blart BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH blah Blah. Signed THUS AND SO, signature Signature Block.


It’s about top down management, a corporate culture of fearing being the messenger, and how messages are coded and blame is spread across the group.





There are no such thing as innocent bystanders, the public is responsible by who they elect, what they are and what they stand for and what that means to others.

9/11 happened on Bush, the Republican President’s Watch, and it happened in New York, as an assault on Global Capitolism.





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