Canada: To Have and To Have Not

Canada is a Dominion, under that which we call “responsible government” – a West Minster Parliament of Dogged Debate.

Toronto CanadaCanada a nation of change

We have a social safety net and a culture of looking out for your neighbour.

For all of Canada’s existence, Ontario has been the province that has paid the most into the Equalization Program of Federal redistribution to ensure the provinces can equally administer the federal programs that have been mandated to them. Health Care and Vital Statics (Marriages and births).

Ontario has most of the oldest industry Head Quarters, while British Columbia has mostly provided resources and are the next province that pays into the system more times than we have had to accept from the Equalization Pool.

canadian borgadbusters_blogs_billmckibben_S

Alberta is number 3 and has been pumping out the world’s dirtiest, most environmentally harmful and polluting and EXPENSIVE oil to get at Tar Sands.

Protective Legislation Be GoneNina gagged on stress

Quebec, the biggest recipient of the program… likely more than all the maritimes and territories combined, is thankfully blocking what is essentially a megastucture pipe bomb from being built across the country. Thank you Quebec, eh.

water and airplanned obsolescence

Manitoba and Saskatchewan… Alberta.. deserved to have their wheat board back and run by the co-op farmers who grow it. Canadian Wheat is a better product than Canadian Oil and Canadian Diamonds. no more destruction of environment for carbon.


the biggest fraud of all is carbon offsets, there is no credit for not polluting – there is only the need to reduce and eliminate polluting and not continue to add to the carbon load

THISONEhomeless reflects society

we need to specialize and better distribute, so everyone has enough, and we need to say clearly:

good fences do not make good neighbours, there is all of us or none of us

environmental disastersNina and The Devil

we all breath the same air and drink the same water.

Nina and Canadian War on QueersProfile Disappeared Women

it has to not be okay to call for genocide of any demographic of people, otherwise, rights really don’t mean a thing.


Breifing NotesUs vs Them

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