POV Post Memes: note to dykewriter

I had a pony. his name was Raindrop. if you can't be a good example at least be a cautionary tale

Through the Eyes of a Child or In the Eye of the Beholder

one thing cogdiff nina300

Point of Order, Orders and validation framework: Quality Assurance Processing

nina 2012 nina biography montage

Abstract Contextualizing…Applied Experience: Observational Field Op

nina is elvisbraveheart Nina

Agoraphobic Philosopher, Integrity Fairy, Raw Recovery Specialist


raw recovery specialist 20134 Kathy me

3 Lenny Up2 Ellen Me

1 Elvis power Up Double Nina

invisibilty visibility

hmmmm lemme think ponderingFull stopyeah uh

and really who gets to be king? whoever conquerors Vikings it's an occupational hazard Seriously... Prince Charles..... all I can think of his when it was reveal he wanted to be her tampon and when he told kids not to expect to leave their class-caste through sports or entertainment dude, that's nice when you are to the manor born but people who put you on a pedestal, can knock it out from under you too. not.just.saying,eh?

well actually what the hell do we need a figurehead queen for? time to abolish monarchy really let it end with Elizabeth 2.0 graceful adn elegant let the monarchy return the taxes to the people for the people not for a spectacle of Peyton Place: The European Source Edition. seriously. Royal Families of Europe. I hear banjos.  cubed what to do calming down

Lezzie Bruce paradise Lezzie Bruce vaginas Doh   Nina at musical gates 1987


Nine Ninastryggvason


Nina circa 1992 Equality Rated E for Everyone


1987 me and my Aunt Olof at Graceland from April 2012: I never thought that I would do one of these lost weight photos - BUT - here I am. I became a vegan/raw foodie this year and am the lowest weight that I have been in 6 years. over 60 pounds and several clothing sizes. I look like a circus clown because I hate shopping for clothes and I am still shrinking...so am unwilling to buy anything for right now. so now i am down to obese instead of morbidly so. YAY me


Spotlight Gala 2007 Theme: Film Noir Me: Nosy Landlady Location: Hycroft Manor Shut in Stand Up



The Integrity Fairy


Nina Power Blazer and Google EyesNina and her microscope

Nina with Handwashing poster Nina with Plush Microbes

I was almost 400 pounds and I started blogging to document shoveling these 2 dumptruck loads of dirt for a gardening project. within weeks of a massive heart attack too in Jan 2012.

I got down to 215 at my peak depression and I have bounced back up to 280, and I am working on reducing my personal carbon sink at a safer rate of loss.

Nina and The Dirt Pile

hoodie vs justiceNina and Canadian War on Queers


stories are all morality and cautionary tales that help us understand the world around us as we know it. myths stories and stereotypes, gossip, cautionary tales and morality lessons: folk tales were mostly told by mothers to their children. Often first written down by educated men of their era, or crafted their own from the traditions of the tales of their folks, the family sagas, the cultural heros, constitution and coping as much as problem solving or morality resolving.

Ukrainian Folk Tales Fables of Asoep Icelandic Folk Tales The Brothers Grimm


Hans Christian Anderson Folklore Standard Dictionary


Cathy and Fashion Cathy and Shoe Porn


below images from from 2004- photographs by Wendy D – taken for the WIFTV Vancouver chapter board: a group I cannot recommend and am acknowledging the photographer, more than the purpose that the portraits were taken for.

2 genuine smile 2004 1 genuine smile 2004

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