BioPic: Tammy & George

I’d like to see a feature movie of Nashville’s stand by your man highest hair power couple

George Jones and Tammy Wynette.

I am curious to see if the gay subtext and rumours about him would be included; partly because I heard it as community gossip – but also because of a 1970s music awards show, he presented an award to her and her current husband came up with her.

George introduced them as his ex-wife with her new husband, which makes him mine too, the audience laughed really awkwardly on tv and in the room with me, the adults in the room watching with me – my Mom, Dad and 2 uncles – who were my Dad’s older brothers who shared a family home with us – all laughed.

so I laughed too, monkey see, monkey do, children are mimicks, apeing who they see

Jonesing with George

CountryMusic: RIP Lynn Anderson

marty Robbins Gunfighter Balladsf42cb4a56c40eb5e66ec072c82be89a8Food Secuirty 2

My Mom and my Grandma, her mother, played a lot of the same records and I enjoy them too – Country Western self pitying co-dependance withdrawal is the soundtrack of my most maudlin soundtrack, but also my happiest childhood memories of standing in the living room and belting it out as best as a suburban white kid can do – the proverbial hairbrush and mirror.

Frontier: Cowboys vs Indigenous


How much straighter acting do we have to be?

Today in Elvis World: Tupelo’s Own!

Elvisworld: Ricky Nelson

gay zorroBattlestar-GalacticaRobinHoodMeninTights_Poster

Subtext: How to know you’re not the main demographic

large_z2dqvxj17aw6xpimrlclfhksfumDesert Hearts1fried_green

Queer on Screen

In the Golden Age of movies, the Queers were quietish in the background. In the Subversive Age of movies, the Queers were preyed upon and tended towards self sacrifice to allow the one they lead astray back into the safety … Continue reading


Playing Musical Queers

It is wonderful to me at almost 50, that Canadian people in their 30s and 20s are shocked there was discrimination against queer people. Coming Out: Queer vs Athiest Questions for Atheist from a High School Student Questions For Atheists From A … Continue reading



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