Are the small hands orange?

It is 2016 and I cannot believe that an adult running for the President of the USA would insult a person by saying “you can’t trust people with small hands”


Mario Rubio has very small ideas and a very shallow understanding of anything and he is not fit to be allowed out in public without handlers and really, in the SuperPac days, politicans are puppets.


Let me explain what every elementary grade school child knows:

  1. not everyone of a group has the same behavior
  2. stereotyping is bad manners
  3. no one is so consistent as to always or never


Let me explain in words that children and hopefully Rubio will understand:

if you can’t say something nice, STFU


For adult readers: creating demographics of people, pigeon holing, stereotyping, is one thing to understand archetypes in representative works of fiction – movies, tv, books, paintings, cultural adornments….what have you forms of the core of a multicultural understanding.

The important thing is the abstraction, conceptualizing in time period contexts, to better understand how the historic past has lead to the current global situation, and not inflate those into reality and shaping your interactions with people.

Individuals are not ambassadors or representative of their group – only themselves and whoever they get to align alongside them.

People skinbags of goo on a bone rack, varying in height and width and intellectual dimensions.


Because again, the Victorian Era informs and the idea of phrenology, when we first started measuring the human body and compiling data about all the variations on ourselves, just as naturalists where noticing individual differences in other species from butterflies to birds…..from phrenology sprang eugenics and the perversion of math and science towards religious’s social hierarchy ends, tarting up religion in science words, and then when science took a more political entanglement, did the need for separation of government and science from religion become ever more needful; as now does government and corporate state..corporate personhood… can companies vote now?


our character is partly informed by how we are represented, which is why the Oscars Have Always Been White, and partly how others are seen – as aliens, terrorists or servants.


You know, where Chris Rock went wrong was insulting Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith.

As a TV and Movie Star, if they were white, they would have been an acknowledged power couple, maybe he would have won the Oscar for acting instead of grunting against CGI on a runaway production filmed in Canada.

But he had to appear to be fair in order to get away with saying all the right stuff “we’re black” from commercial.

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