Words, when they fail…

Fine tuning… Okay I admit that this Cheryl Tieghs  think has:

  • burr under saddle
  • hair across my ass
  • niggled and gnawed
  • unduly distressed and annoyed
  • pissed me off


It is privileged imposing narrow and artificial beauty  being imposed on a majority, as if one size even suits all.

When one looks at those 2 covers and forgets that it’s soft porn – pretend instead they are the covers of women’s health magazines.

The Brunette looks like a healthy woman while The Blonde is almost skeletal.

The blue bikini is an achievable and reasonable body while the white one piece has more a coffin shroud than a virginal wedding lingerie look.




tryggvasonNine Ninas

it is the fake concern over health and wellbeing issues while representing the very wrongness.

There is a reason why domestic abuse and stranger rapes increase after sporting events, violence and sex, sports is civilized warfare and also why porn often features cars and other overpowered symbols of male virility of which, women continue to be bed post knotches.

raw recovery specialist 20132 Nina Power Up

from April 2012: I never thought that I would do one of these lost weight photos - BUT - here I am. I became a vegan/raw foodie this year and am the lowest weight that I have been in 6 years. over 60 pounds and several clothing sizes. I look like a circus clown because I hate shopping for clothes and I am still shrinking...so am unwilling to buy anything for right now. so now i am down to obese instead of morbidly so. YAY mePrecious 11305_17_poster_3_f2

While there is more tolerance for men to be in a wider range of the specimens; women have more social pressure and higher costs associated with social garmenting.

Just consider how many men from news anchors to mayors are drawing attention to the lack of attention to their clothes and fashion. That is progress and thank you gentlemen.

Just consider that there are no men’s books about combining career and home life, or how to achieve orgasm. Pretty much a point and click interface if the internet and porn is any indication, because it’s not an area of interest for me, and is a barrier to communication between heterosexual women and lesbians, because lesbians know how to discuss matters separate from being in or of the male gaze.

original male-400x261

Art has stopped imitating life only a tiny portion is reflected, and it stops informing it when it no longer speaks to or resonates with. Parallex and Parrallax, concave or convex, alignment results in conversations, not 2 way monologs.

Shame the shamers, eh.


Infantalized women is pretend pedophilia, girlish boys or boyish girls, youth fetish of non yet genderized or expressive and capable to say no and enforce it or to experience it and laugh… power imbalance, sexual prowess attractiveness, all the ways we intimidate each other into the social pecking order, into dating and mating….


it is not difficult to address the majority concern of an issue and include the minority, balancing interests of fairness and inclusion…


through differentiating cultures, in different decades, the generational turn of three grand, parents and offspring, now in a larger cultural overlapping of living memory and recorded imagry and iconography – representational role modelling, social norms of monkey see monkey do





science v religion women divide Respecting Religion


the modern era of to flaunt or not to flaunt, it is a choice of pandering to the male gaze or forcefully diverting it…..

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I can’t help but think this is a trick on women… honestly…. grow up peoples. everyone gots nipples… most people now have boobs. she-boobies or he-boobies on fat guys. honestly, there is so much exno-estrogrens in plastic, it’s no wonder … Continue reading



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