Women and Elections

In the USA, Clinton takes a solid lead over Bernie Sanders in the south carolina primary.

meanwhile, in Iran: 8 women become public figures.

Iran election: President Hassan Rouhani, moderates make big gains

List of elected and appointed female heads of state … Wikipedia


Phil and Liz status of women abortion meme 2


Chuck n Di Carriage RideKim Campbell Justice Robes Chuckles n Camilla


Sarah Palin Spence Vs Harperchose life


Michelle Obama Military Homeless Quoterock with the reagans

Notorius RBG superheroPR Fail Pose

Christy Clark vs Sarah Palin

International Yoga Day - a grand old tradition dating back all of 6 months. National Aboriginal Day - declared for Canada in 1996.Reality Check Palin


may-11-libby-davies-pays-an-okanagan-visit libby-davies-20141015

Canada’s first lesbian MP



Queen Vicky 68df0_Elizabeth-I-3218031 9cafad92531d78431bb8518e3c76572e2160b860086681fba9a25c55a5106d54 3e678ffe62bf9fb86f99f3b320f588c8 image eb934d22ab7ad5f7debdfe21b2b68799875841940855dbb850d690c2a5cf1fa1_large





Michele Bachman….

b9f1855805a5bbab888cbce9d62b88877fe258bf7054d9dc7f2f7c85898965ef bachmannongaybullying



Sarah Palin vs Rona Ambrose….

ronaambrose-rona-f 15qddn9

Nina Grewal with Harper – Rona Ambrose is the current conservative party leader.

Nina Grewal Says, 'Political Correctness Is Diluting Christmas'rona

conservative women or non-white candidates are the way the right lures people from the centre and pulls the left to the middle. heavy sigh.. the politics of self esteem and belonging….to conservatives no one is right enough and on the left there’s more victim than thou….Canada’s Green Party – Elizabeth May…..


The Queen is usually figureheaded by a white man in Canada….

GG Clarksonqueen-elizabeth-ii-game-of-thrones GG Michaëlle Jean

O Canada? can we talk about the Governor-General


peace leading-moms-christy-clark ChristyClarkMeme 2qvgwtc






meanwhile in Mexico…

CHKMZy6UwAAzJel z19421100Q,Gisela-Mota-zostala-zastrzelona-dzien-po-objeciu-p


MAD-Magazine-Hillary-Sanders_561d395acce5e8.07799904 heres-where-hillary-clinton-and-bernie-sanders-stand-on-the-issues politifact-photos-Hilberniestarkdifference

9aa6c_clinton-meme clinton-long-haired-hippies



world leader photo: not enough women here


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