USA South Carolina 2.0: Democrats

“The South Carolina primary is personally important to me because I want to send a strong signal that South Carolina is ready for change, ready for progress, ready to make a difference,” Mrs Clinton, 68, told a rally in the state capital Columbia on Friday.

Eight years ago, she lost the state overwhelmingly to then Senator Barack Obama.

South Carolina holds primary in Democratic race (cnn)

in 2008 – Clinton represented progress for women while Obama represented ethnicity progress, either one would have been historic.

Obama quote on medical billsMichelle Obama Military Homeless Quote

I think if Clinton had one then, it would not have been a clean win, but a bank shot off her husband, who has already presidented.

Clinton winning now, after being in the Obama administration, sets her on that own credibility, so for democrats, Clinton is progress and Sanders is reactionary, a return to form, visually offering nothing different than the Republicans.

Obama on civilizationClinton says 3 strikes was out of line

There is not even a legal concept of the First Husband.. other than Queen Elizabeth’s Prince being her consort rather than getting to King her Queen.


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