USA: Living La Vida Levis

America’s most iconic item of clothing is Levis Jeans


I do not mean any other company or fad current from the 1970s bell bottoms to the 80’s acid wash, prefaded and pre-torn to shredded in the 90s and even unto this current day.

I mean the 1800s pairs that are still wearable because those denims with rivets were has hard as the labour the person wearing them actually did. The where the worker’s uniform, not no designated by collar color — both white and pink collars originating with the Secretary Pools — and the “blue collar” a title upgrade for union labour.White Collars co-opted by Male Professionals while women remain staring at their ceilings, knowing that is the underside of some man’s floor. Pink Ghetto.

The Poverty Presley is represented in the Tupelo Mississippi USA statuary, where the American Dream of rags to riches begins and how the dream of raw talent and sheer determination wins the day, such as that day was. Elvis Presley best known childhood photos shows him in the bib overall and as tween in Memphis in jeans with the rolled up cuffs, and into his teens you can see him styling after the Truck Drivers and working men around Memphis, but also Tony Curtis from movies.

tumblr_mz1s5oYPb81rmnjtyo1_250 tumblr_mz1s5oYPb81rmnjtyo3_250 img_5252-elvis

Blue Jeans and a white t-shirt with the coolest jacket – Black Leather, or James Dean Red. The basic rockabilly, punk, outsider uniform of re-issue decade after decade, with regional variations in demographic cultural fashion variations, what is poor reality our of necessity – rugged wear – becomes the wealth fashionable accessories du jour.

Elvis in the 1950s was the outsider making good and that Elvis made his best music and some good movies – Love Me Tender, a pedestrian western and King Creole shows him as a Burbon Street Brando while Loving You and Jailhouse Rock were Star Vehicles written for a singer who was having it both ways, the nice Deke who wanted to belong to the nasty Vince who learned helping other people is where trouble begins – the good and the hood as the Misunderstood rebels without applause mostly.

Frank Sinatra and Elvisrebel-without-a-causeelviscary

Elvis Presley wanted nothing more to be a celebrity as a respected peer. Musically he was a class of his own and Moviewise… he got a genre named for himself, and all his peers will have to appreciate that Elvis Presley was the first actor to secure a portion of the box office and the only leading actor to never have script approval.


So really – who is to blame for his not being better utilized as anything but a ticket churner for profits and to fund more artsy films – him for phoning it in or Hollywood for putting him on hold and out in the cold. Or the fans of the day who were so impressed with what he had first done that all we wanted was that again over and over.

Elvis-With-Lovlies-in-Kissin-Cousins fbf867aed2289a092972377d77409827

being seen in public in track suits: major depression sign for a person who was a known clothes horse and fashionista – Elvis Presley was the first Metrosexual all the way back to the 1950s. His famous disinclination of showering is also a symptom – Elvis was a manic depressive, which wasn’t helped by his work and vacation schedules as well as shopping binges.

Elvis tracks 1Elvis tracks 2

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