Republicans from Word Salad to Fruit Salad

Speaking coherently and logically – orator skills – have become a lost art in American Politics, but I think also more generally so.


People don’t want to listen to eloquence waxing poetic, they want easy to grasp sound bytes.

Gnashing and grinding of teeth and spewing bile and gall, showing one has a pair.


Forgetting that boobs are bigger than balls.

From CBC – Canada’s National Government Public Broadcaster:


Ben Carson’s Fruit Salad of one’s life.

It is rather unclear from the political word babble of mixing your message to be clear to your own audience while being able to speak in front of a public one that ranges from for you to against you to opposing you.



The  1990s, the phrase “Family Values” meant Heteros Only and was code for No Queers.

“Fruit Salad” sounds kinda like a gay orgy, but I am pretty sure that is not Carson’s intention – perhaps it was the “word salad” which is how schizophrenic speech is described blurring with the “sowing wild oats” as youth is often referred.

It has become rather confusing to understand him at all, so far, all his campaign has done was generate a lot of revenue and spend a lot and given that he and John Kasich are fighting for last place, that he continues to run is a self delusional as Donald Trump is, who is winning and so continues to have externalized justification.

armbencarson 10427678_747203448706045_7095832093798716796_n

The ability to speak in the performances of speeches is different skill than debating, where one demonstrates their form under pressure, are parts of the job interview process to see what you bring to the position and where you want to lead the country, so that those who would be lead, can chose.  Grammar when written is less formal than when actually written down and proper grammar and separating thoughts in structured manners, rather than just running off the top of your head, spooling out rather than winding up or down towards all round comprehension.


but if we can take one very clear lesson from history’s most overused example of evil of Hitler is that people cannot credibly claim that his final solution master plan was unknown – he laid it out and whether people were keeners or go alongers, it is The People not believing what is being said BUT unless someone actually says “I don’t think that way and I do not agree” then the idea that what was said is what people think, gains cred.

One never goes wrong thinking people are as bad as they say or display by actions, where misjudgment happens is erring on the side of good and reasonable – ooh that’s hyperbole for the extreme – well – if that the extreme is the centre target then consider where that puts reasonable? outside and out of bounds.


what is done to children destroys their life

what is done by consenting adults is making a life


What concerns me is people’s mental health and their understanding of themselves and their place in society – and being able to place themselves there – and many many groups have been given a horrible self image and this needs to be address partly as a public mental health matter, but also an image of cultural representation and inclusion.

The only race that humans do are to socially exclude each other rather than include and why conservatives are always on the wrong side of history – as they are the status quo to be altered in order for progress to be made. Punctuated progress that often stagnates.


Including people into a dynamic culture that reduces barriers rather than erecting them, is socialism and it is collectivism and it doesn’t prevent people from working and succeeding, it just means that that can occur without others having to fail.


it is curious that Donald Trump is willing to take a pay cut…

but not a one of the Republicans speak to or about ordinary people and enhancing their lives as more than minimal wage slaves, give us your tired huddled masses yearning for freedom was a promise of no more being under the heel of rule and a vote to ensure no heel would rule.

In any event, Doug Christie’s surprise endorsement of Trump hints at campaign credibility and future appointment positioning…

over to the BBC

Christie endorses Trump in shock move


from CNN: Cruz does the Democratic Party’s work for them:

“If this man is the nominee, having the Republican nominee, on the stand in court, being cross-examined about whether he committed fraud, “Cruz explained, “You don’t think the mainstream media will go crazy on that?”

Trump University fraud case becomes campaign issue at GOP debate

private party debates done in public – live news and live streamed, the internet era

what was that adage about facebook pages not being real political debates, but all the nominees have a page there and across social media…

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