There’s No Business Like Show

First, there were Bards, travelling minstrels with travelling shows.

Then: Technology – recorded sounds: records and radio was born!

and broadcast into your home, no need to trek out to The Theatre

Broken BlossomsRegan Thatcher Romance Movie

The Theatre, with actors and actors as women, then women actors

Actor Actress Director Directress Producer Producerette

Dom and Sub up and down and above and below the line

Casting Couch and who fucks whom or sucks.. whatever floats yer boat.

GravityBad Movie Elvis Quote

Movies – video recordings: Lights! Camera! Action – then SOUND

Lights! Camera! Speed CLACK – Action — wtf colour? technicolor? HD

3-D, Smellovision and 360 GoPro DIYer


Set Piece Scenery with rotational who’s a celeb this week or are they still alive old age movie stars.

Fantasy Island where pretty primatives are waiting to laugh their ass off at your sorry fantasies of grindering Daddy and Mommy Issues White People Problems 101.


the 1970s was lowest common denominator: Tits n ass or Toilet Bigotry.

Mind you, All in the Family had some other spin offs: The Jeffersons, Maude and the Gloria spin off.


Graphically Charting Data: The Sitcom Formulation


TV Genre Review: Chosen Family aka Gang of Pals



art reflects and informs life, life reflects and informs arts, technology is distribution

and it’s always about the haves and the have nots and leveraging it from professions to consumer products.

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