Hospitals and Healthcare


MASH: Plot vs Theme

The Public Perception of triage comes from the TV show MASH, where doctors prioritized in terms of worst to can wait, and Army Buddies insisted on their fellow troops being taken first.

Which is nice for television but not accurate, in wartime, you fix in terms of numbers, and how fast you can return people to their regular position.

In peacetime and in civilian hospitals, emergency room is about trauma and preventing deaths, so the priority is supposed to be outcome of patient.

Triage shifts in context and circumstances

The problem is the lack of doctors doing family practices, means that the walk in clinics are doing family practices in procedure billing clinics, and emergency rooms are doing what clinics are supposed to be doing.


Where a hospital is located geographically determines what types of cases show up where and when. For example – a tip for women is that the best time to go to the emergency is during sports on tv – men will actually ignore heart attacks and delay diagnoses and treatment…

I am recovering from my having to attend at St. Paul’s yesterday and being in the downtown core of Vancouver in excess of my Big Blue Room Tolerances. Plus, the panic attack that I had to manage, but I did well enough..

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