Brain Injured or Hoaxing?

Every now and then, a person shows up without memories or a sense of identity, often injured – often they are recognized from media accounts, or they start a new life and eventually some memory returns.

Having brain events and strokes can also change personalities and manner of speaking, often assumed to be a sudden onset of an accent, but it is speech impediments.

Most famously, Anna Anderson, who claimed to be Tsarina Anastasia, which we know was wrong from both DNA testing her against Prince Phillip and that the entire Tsar’s family skeletons are now accounted for.


But sometimes, the stories are just beyond belief and baffling: the Man from Taured.

1954 – Toyko Airport – a Caucasian man, speaking French and presenting with a passport from Taured, a nation with 1,000 year history in between France and Spain, which on a map shown to him was Spain’s Principality of Andorra.

His passport had several stamps from many known and existing nations, he also had european currencies, but a chequebook from an unknown bank.

The company he claimed to doing business, never heard of him.

Putting him in a high floor of a hotel and keeping his documents at the airport, the authorities were sure to sort the entire matter out the next day – but all the documents and the man was missing.

Most would consider it an urban legend, not having any mention in print until the 1980s, a sure sign of an oral story and campfire type tall tell.

A very few wonder if it is parallel universe or other dimensions. but anecdotes, especially non-verifiable ones are not evidence and certainly are not data.



Our brains process the data from our senses, they are not transmitters, but receivers.



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