Repubs vs Dems

Donald Trump won Nevada and is clearly going to take the nomination, while the Rubio and Cruz pot shot each other and Kasich and Carson remain also rans.


Kasich and Carson are barely known and have no hope, so their continued campaign really shows that putting self before party, which is hardly surprising given how much the republicans have put party over country.


Cruz and Rubio are scrapping between themselves, basically doing Trump’s dirtywork.


Meanwhile over in the Democrat Party – Clinton and Sanders are trying to be the bigger appeal nominee and Clinton’s lack of lead, given her name recognition is revealing about voter apathies.


I am unsure how Republicans can continue to assert that the office of president is as prestigious, given how they have effectively neutered and demonstrated rule by mob rather than democracy with how they behaved towards Obama

tired huddled masses do not seek further oppression and exploitation, just saying, eh.


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