Genital Mutilation Minimalism is not okay

Female genital mutilation should be legal in its mildest forms: gynecologists

Keep  in mind that genital mutilation to these infant boys or tweenaged girls are the loved and cared for children of their families within their social context – this is being done to an offspring that you are intending to grow up and parent another generation of offspring.

So, it starts to make sense how cravenly indifferent we are to suffering and the needlessness of it. Mutilating someone is not mild and the symbolic version is not better than the full removal and scarring.

This is the worst form of appeasement and disgusting apologetics, but I can’t say I am surprised, given the givens of how modern medicine continues to regard women.

I cannot see how a person from a specialist medical practise is positioning themselves in an expert in these larger political and social issues, and I am unsurprised that their solution to the problem is churning billing practises for needless cosmetic proceedures. This is where medicine stops being about health care and why there is so much support for the so-called alternative, complimentary and traditional medicine traditions where a person is at least sold the sense that they matter as a person and not merely a part. Especially a cutoutable part.

Also Medicine replaced “traditional” and complimentary and alternatives are in fact alternatives to medicine. It is having to compete with this nonesense that creates the oversteps.

It is time to say that some cultures are in fact lesser than others and harming boy babies with modest impact to the penis via foreskin removal or the wholesale removal of labia, clitoral hood and clitoral head of girls at the onset of puberty, usually 12 and in non-sanitary conditions.


Circumcising males is done as babies and usually in hospital or the in home setting, where there is a danger of bleeding to death, and in the Jewish traditions, Rabbis suck the penis and  transmit herpes to the infant.

If that doesn’t occur, the male will experience lowered sexual sensation, but have some health benefits in terms of AIDs transmission and cleanliness.

For girls, the procedure often results in death, infections, experiment scarring, termination of sexuality, and increased likelihood of death during pregnancy delivery, in addition to the memory of the experience and the sense of betrayal that other women were culturally forced to do unto you as it was done unto them.


The US Gynecologists view women patients as a conveyor belts of starting in the teens on birth control, through pregnancies and then more often than not, needless hysterectomies while then starting their teen daughters on birth control, it’s almost like how the Vatican grooms families to support their altar boy habit.

Pill Pushing Doctors who like to cut up in surgery….The main difference between the American Medical System and the Canadian one is not that government funds health care, it’s that the health care is limited to actual medical matters and not cosmetic ones, which are self esteem and mental health related and are covered in that side of health care – mental well being.


It does not benefit the girl in any way, and there are dubious values to boys, which certainly should be delayed to adulthood decision by the owner of the genitals, so there is no reason to cut either one, deeply or symbolically.

This is one more grievous harm of religion is that we think harming self and others is okay.

We have a nice big word for boys – circumcision that makes it sound medical and reasonable so it is telling that Female Genital Mutilation is the phrase that it is.

Frankly the over involvement of culture into virginity and sexual behavior, to put it in words that one can safely say to a 3 year old – keep your personal toys to yourself and never share them with someone who doesn’t treat them as nicely as you do.

Warrior Marks Alice Walker

Doc Pitch: SNIP

Proposed Title: “SNIP”   Genre: Documentary – Feature Fusion   Logline: A lesbian filmmaker’s documentary about the changing face of Canadian families becomes derailed over the issue/exploration of male circumcision.   Hook: A lesbian viewpoint on male circumcision … Continue reading


Religion by any name is terrorism

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3 Responses to Genital Mutilation Minimalism is not okay

  1. Meritings says:

    I’ve never understood how cutting naturally occurring bits off any body can be right or justified.


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