A War on Women is on society

Ontario pledges $100 million for three-year strategy to combat violence against indigenous women

so we’re finally admitting to (or going to admit via the inquiry?) that domestic violence is the main driver of missing women, teenage suicide contagions, runaways into the social twilight, usually street involved sex work or picked up by serial killers and disappeared?

then the systemic discrimination, – will we put equality back in the mandate of the Status of Women and re-funding the few remaining grassroots women community centres? and stop making charities operate gambling to further increase social poverty? and that religion – and the three churches that operated the schools need to pay compensation for their abuses and murders

Aww they blow up so fastRobertson Booga Booga

that the lack of infrastures within communities and lack of connection to other communities, nothing to do and no career path to look forward to.

Rape confessionvirgin mary cheese toast
there is a propaganda short posing as a commercial about a white guy who can’t get a job on the LNG project because of those hippie environmentalists being played on tv in British Columbia

as one of those hippie environmentalists, I can;t say I am too concerned about short term employment over the construction industry that could really be building infrastructure instead and not a for export and no benefit to British Columbians but all the socialized costs and damages.

Hojatolslam Kazem Earthquakes Abrahamic Pedophile Manuals

what I am concerned about is a sustainable environment that supports the people living on it

Borgia Princerationalist revolution

the only way to stop the cycle is to stop it.

there were once 2 kinds of individuals in the world, those who’s ancestors kicked ass and those who’s ancestors had their asses kicked.

but today, in many places, people’s ethnic heritage is mixed, and some cultures have learned to get along with more groups of people.

individuals now can belong to both types that were previous – so it is about choosing to get along in a way that promotes fairness and opportunity and respect throughout the system, which should be socially dynamic.

we all face the same water/food, shelter and belonging needs, we need to address inequity and neutralize the violence. it is really too bad we discovered the chimps before the bonobos, these little accidents of happenstance, a sequence of events that unfolds origamically.







picked on



Male Dominationscience v religion women divide

these are all states of harm and are emotional wounds and the earlier they are inflicted the deeper they are, and the reason why people rarely recover from PTSD (accumulated traumas) is that being overwhelmed and loss of resiliency in the face of that is your experience of the world.

traumatized people raise traumatized children, we know this from the Jewish Population and we can extrapolated it to the Aboriginal People of North pole to South of the American Continents, and we see it handed down from ancient times in the middle east.

we fight the most with the one we are the longest associated and closest related to

Campbells vs MacDonalds Highland feud continues in the Americas, where the Hatfield and McCoy feud replaced it domestically.

The needs of the many cannot be served at the expense of the few and not by sacrificing the one.

It’s one thing for a person to chose to be a martyr, it’s another to make one of someone.

if your religion demands blood, have the faith to make it your own.

Us vs Them cognitive dissonance

in fact, christians prove their lack of understanding their faith, Jesus was supposed to be the last one, so stop crucifying others.


now, I am going to share a story that I should not.

I should not because I know of it from when I worked at a private sector law firm.

However, I was not any part of the file, nor did I work for that lawyer as anymore more than a receptionist. Which is actually why I am sharing it.

He had as a client, an Aboriginal Man who was trying to gain custody of his 2 children.

Their mother had died of a drug overdose and the children were taken into care, rather than given to their father and sent to Ontario.

He moved to British Columbia and obtained a job and a home with a room for each child that he did not have custody of, yet, he had to pay the landlord for the rooms.

The Ministry of Children and Family services denied him this children because they decided he lacked the parenting skills because he had been raised in care of the Ministry.

that occurred in the late 1990s and systems rarely correct themselves….

which I also remember in the 1990s, that BC Hydro bragged that they would never have to build another dam again and why we are taking the environmental hit and loss of wilderness and habitat and future air, water and environment quality and diversity, we need to be better stewards of the lands and the peoples on it.

Pope capitolism quotechris columbus quote on naive natives

The Lawyer’s money was made from billable time as lawyer’s time is.

I was the receptionist, secretary, legal secretary, office manager, comptroller accountant, all for the low price of $7.50 an hour a bit above minimum wage but far less than what legal secretaries earned as industry standards.

So This Lawyer did not want to pay for more than the actual time I did work for him, which would then require me to have to creating a tracking system to log everything I did.

I told him that he would have to pay for that time of mine and had to explain the concept that employees are paid for their skill and availability in a block of time. It’s up to them how much of which work I do.

no bordershard vs soft science

So part of what we need to consider is who is doing what, for how much and what is that actually worth….knowing when to not repeat and redo what we already know…..



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