The Trump riddle

as John Steinbeck observed, Americans act like temporarily embarrassed millionaires and not the oppressed proletariat that they are; it’s all the Donald wannabes – the american dream is pretty nightmarish and worse, rarely works out for first generation rich.

Why Evolution Is True

by Grania

As someone who hails from the land of Not-America, I was vaguely baffled when I heard that Trump was running for President of the USA. I had heard of him before, of course, as he had cropped up from time to time in Time Magazine in the 80s and 90s, and in one of the indistinguishable Home Alone movies. I couldn’t imagine what had moved him to get into politics, as his most notable features seemed to be dubious skills at managing hotels, casinos and marriages to blonde women. I also reckoned that the media, particularly the liberal media, were going to boost his campaign constantly with their indefatigable coverage of everything he did or said that they could find to be scathing or outraged about.

I certainly wouldn’t claim that their outrage is without merit, but I am still unable to accurately point at what he actually…

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