Positive Politics? Only in Canada eh?

Federal government won’t appeal ruling that found it discriminated against children on reserves

Latest RCMP harassment allegations an ’embarrassment,’ public safety minister says

Admitting wrongdoing is the real first step towards corrective resolution and it’s really telling that the Churches involved still refuse to accept responsibility, one more reason to tax them and re-coup the compensation from the cause of the problem: intolerant religions.

Trudeau will be the 1st PM to march in Toronto’s Pride parade


That is pretty cool given that he’s also the only PM to start his campaign at one, he landed in Vancouver and was in our parade as his first public event in the campaign that lead to his PMing.

“Unacceptable toxicity’ at the RCMP needs to be cleaned up, says Ralph Goodale

Good Governance starts with housekeeping….centralize for efficiency and then de-centralize to empower the regions, dosey do, the dance of the government of day

however, there does appear to be some next steps?

Amazon asked to remove Robert Pickton book from sale by publisher

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