Kasich’s Kitchen Campaign

De-funding Planned Parenthood is going to cost a lot of women and their families reduced access to health care of which family planning is a very a small part.

It was very difficult to resist being slightly dramatic and to spell the word campaign correctly.

Kitchen… sink…baby and bathwater…down the drain…..given that the race is Trump/Cruz/Rubio – it’s clear that Kasich and Carson have not business or budget sense – given they are throwing good money after bad, eh.

I don’t think a person should be allowed to run without being able to afford their campaigns and it’s terrible how so many actually leave paying off their campaign debts, never mind fulfilling promises if they actually won.

for the land of freedom and right to pursue happyness you sure get punished and penalized for doing so.

There is no actual right to control others and it is immoral and indefensible to impoverish society.  Quality of life matters and it is an appalling control over women when at the same time, this party is pushing for rapists to have parental rights. kasich-planned-parenthood

Where are all the men saying that this is not okay?

Show the women that humanist means, until then: Feminist.

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Who really benefits from abortion clinics?

The stand has been made and it’s time to put abortion back in the hospital context of being just another medical procedure.

Stand alone abortion clinics serve the protesters more than the clients, because it gives a focal point for their rallies and allows them to victimize both the clients and the service providers. Terrorize, actually, given the number of clinics that have been bombed and the number of people who are unable to understand that it’s not their body, so keep weapon holding hands off and especially to not flick any of their god on someone else’s body.

Of course, the churlish reply is always, but who will speak for the unborn?

My response is that if they are really concerned about children, why not speak for the children who are living in homes where they are neglected and abused? There’s parents who need to have intervention, not a woman who is for whatever reason, choosing not to be a parent.

There is no requirement or need for women to act as brood mares either – there are enough children ready made and waiting for adoptive parents who are passing them over for babies. Perhaps prospective adoptive parents shouldn’t qualify to adopt babies until after they’ve adopted a child and are established as capable.

The violence around the abortion movement and the violent public debate could end if clinics were just another part of the hospital. Without an identified and freestanding clinic to target for protest and harassment, the anti-abortion movement would stall; because no one would tolerate their antics directed at a general hospital.

They would not know who to harass with their placards and plastic baby Jesuses; and no one would tolerate hospital clinics being bombed

Maybe then they’d have to go live the life they have, rather than try to control other people’s lives. But I doubt it.

It’s telling to me that the anti-abortion foes often use their christian religion to justify their abortion position – a religion that is founded on the rape of a virgin by an all powerful god.

A religion who’s commandments are about blind worship of predominately male authority and one who’s commandents say nothing about how to treat the less powerful – a religion who nostalgically looks back on when women were property and children were seen and not heard.

That the woman is denied abortion has less to do with the child, as, if you go by the actions of the anti-abortion movement, the sacred time of life is between conception and birth – and is only sacred again when it’s on life support.

And apparently, should be scared the time in between of accidentally using the free will given by the insecure and egotistical god who is loving condemning people to eternal hell for causing genocide (unless it’s clearly god’s will) and wearing poly-cotton blends alike, and a forgiving god who does not allow parole from hell despite any remorse or good behaviour.

So women, should mostly not be permitted abortions – and the anti-abortion movement doesn’t allow for threats to life or rape, not even incest,  exemptions – because they are to be punished to have the children for having sex.

Why should women be the ones punished? Because Eve shared the apple aka fruit of knowledge instead of eating it all. So woman to to be continually punished by men for getting smart and uppity.

What’s worse is that the anti-abortionists act like women are so lighthearted or even cavalier about having an abortion – which I think speaks volumes about how sacred life is to them that they would project this attitude onto another person.

By their stated beliefs, they aren’t supposed to judge people, but darn, could they at least not assume that everyone shares their low to poor standards?

Yet, there’s no equivalent condemnation towards the man who walks away from his responsibility towards the unborn kid.  What the anti-abortion crowd is really saying is that the woman deserves to be punished and the guy gets to get off twice.


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