Will Uber Killer be the end of the Uber Company?

“On top of that, how do you tell the families of these victims that they were not targeted for any other reason than they were a target?”

Kalamazoo Uber driver picked up fares between killings, source says


Would belonging to a demographic that is targeted make it easier for their family or just the public who may not belong to such a demographic?

what is a valid reason to target people in the public exactly?

wrong place at the wrong time, life in the big city dontcha know?

this is why mass public shootings upset the public, because it could be anyone and we are all just a statistic to most people and a tragedy to those who knew that one.

why there are such things as hate crimes when individuals with a demographic characteristic are targeted as symbolic of the group.

Suspect in Michigan shootings that killed 6 was Uber driver, company confirms


People wonder why others feel entitled to control and interfere with other people….

Governor John Kasich Signs Ohio Bill to Cut Planned Parenthood Funding

Donald Trump is becoming the reasonable candidate without having to do anything....


meanwhile in Canada

‘In His Own Words’: Serial killer Robert Pickton selling book on Amazon

RCMP association calls for overhaul after latest sexual harassment allegations


around the world

Fiji cyclone leaves many people without vital services 

Lock of John Lennon’s hair sells for £25000 at auction

Islamic State claims deadly Syrian bomb blasts

Seoul: N. Korea conducted artillery drill near sea border


then.. just wondering… corporate responsibility and citizenship….

legal entities have to operate within the law

What If San Bernardino Suspect Had Used an Android Instead of an iPhone?


news aversion therapy…

don’t consume it to de-stress….but then, how does one stay informed of the details of the world will as it will.. stocks n bonds… bulls bears and bubbles… patterns and ripples, predictable …





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