The Supremes Court Costumes


America’s severe Supreme court black robe vs Germany’s red attire with cap. 

Gruppenfoto Zweiter Senat Bundesverfassungsgericht Karlsruhe

Gruppenfoto Zweiter Senat Bundesverfassungsgericht Karlsruhe, im Sitzungssaal Dienstsitz Waldstadt. Aufnahme vom 17.01.2012. .v.l. Peter Huber, Peter Mueller, Gertrude Luebbe-Wolff, Andreas Vosskuhle (Vorsitz), Michael Gerhardt, Monika Hermanns, Herbert Landau, Sibylle Kessal-Wulf.Foto: Uli Deck dpa – KEINE VERWENDUNG IM BILDFUNK –

Canada meanwhile ,takes the North Pole more seriously….

Supreme Court justices

The Supreme Court justices pose for a group photo during the official welcoming ceremony for Supreme Court of Canada Justice Suzanne Cote at the Supreme Court Tuesday Feb.10, 2015 in Ottawa. Top row (left to right) Justice Clement Gascon, Justice Andromache Karakatsanis, Justice Richard Wagner, and Justice Suzanne Cote. Bottom row: (left to right) Justice Thomas Albert, Justice Rosalie Silberman Abella, Justice Beverly McLachlin, Justice Marshall Rothstein and Justice Michael Moldaver. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld // Na021415-coyne


While in England…..article-1217459-06A81551000005DC-519_634x361


work clothes vs personal clothes eh? time honored designs that never go out of fashion


the pagentry of court and the ritual of religion, crowns bestowed by church and church upheld by the crown is why there is separation of church and state… now we need separation of state and corporation…..


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