$cience vs Religion$

Research and development cost money and one way that one avoids wasting money is not reinventing.  Patents and copyright hinder science as much as they are hindering the arts, and the consumer loses in the copyright vs public domain battle.

Religion is one product we know has been plagiarized and repacked and resold under newer and purer management than the previous corrupt establishment.

Religion has a lot in common with Politics in that way.

Religion has the money money because they are given it by the poor and entitlement of no taxes because religion keeps the poor from revolution and re-distributing the wealth of the rich.

Pope capitolism quote chris columbus quote on naive natives

says he who runs the oldest bank and biggest economy: open up the coffers, eh.

History and it’s cycles of one-upsmanship, as if he who rules the most lands avoids the inevitable dirt nap. Not eating and ritually burying our dead is one way we define ourselves as civilized and not animals, and I am unconcerned about offending the cultural sensitivities of people who belong to culturally practicing cannibals, which actually includes Catholics at the ritualized end of the deed to thought spectrum of impulse, decision to action.

cannibals2  water and air

Science costs to develop, distribute and there is massive participation through the science chain of delivering technologies and goods, and creating services.

Religion has upfront costs and then is a sacred cash cow of hoarding wealth and avoiding the actual world for it’s employee members.


Science solves problems and it can create problems, when we over estimate our ability, such as nuclear power – Japan and Ukraine and the USA Three Mile Island were all corporate culture problems and design/maintenance.

Science however, has checks and balances and politics is part of that, and where religion has corrupted the process.

Science of war technology was supposed to make people so fearful that we would never allow our governments to use those weapons again and make nations use diplomacy, so if ever the gun nuts slippery slope ends at the cliff, it is that as do nations, so do their civilians and the idea of innocent casualties is a myth of the middle ages when nobles went to war over who owned the peasants, not the peasants as booted pawns determining royal family squabbles.

religion is what it takes to change a person’s view from diplomacy to war to genocide and Armageddon.

Religion was clung to as a means of expressing fear of death and dying to a groupthink to be the generation to bring it about.

There is no reason to think there are that kind of end times. many civilizations have come and gone, but populations continue and the human experience changes over time and with cultures.

So there was an age of religion and it’s not in the current common global era.

Groups like the John Templeton Foundation, Creation Science needs to be viewed the same as newspaper hororscopes, and other holistic woo, wishful magical thinking.

There is not only zero evidence for any religion, there is actually zero academic scholarship standards. Apologists try to keep people instead religion instead of trying to make nice and apologize and vaguely modernize and Accommodations from the science side, need to stop pimping science for religious funding.

and the government needs to separation church and corporations from itself and regulate rather than impede progress  and research.

Invesible_Pink_Unicorn_by_BeautifullyChaotic sacred-heart-of-jesus1

The John Templeton Foundation


Dear Templeton Foundation – about your mission


Dear Templeton Foundation re: merging religion and science


Policy Think Tanks: No Thanks


Religion is Ingrateful


Can I haz the Million Dollars now Please?

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