Talking About the Generations

MultiGeneration Workplaces

We have more people than at any given time in history, over 7 billion and from that we have a lot of generations still in the work place and they do not communicate or work in the same ways. the … Continue reading


Talking About Communication

Generations one after the other. not so much the case anymore – multi-generational workplaces make a far more complex mix for employers and old school punchclock industrial interchangeable cog thinking does not work in the digital global age. Multiculturalism and … Continue reading

dn20052-2_539 rainbow reflection optics

Star Gazing Technology

Geometry math and navigation: discovering the world is round and circles the sun. The stars were what we watched before television, if you knew how to read them, you could tell stories and find your way around. Star Gazing and … Continue reading

analog-and-digital-watches 1

Plot-idea j-pett-climate-cartoon

Psst: I got your Privacy Right Here

“The Databases are coming” “The databases” “networktivity” real time access live time interface. “Hello, I’d like to order for delivery.” “can you confirm your address?” “It’s on your computer screen, which is called up by my phone number and you … Continue reading

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Big Events Define Generations and technology changes how we work, but also what who and with whom…there are more generations of people, as well as people numbers and most are in the cities …cooperation and working and playing well together is not an option it’s the only way for sustainability…


The Myth of the Multitasker

Being able to do something well, requires concentration.

But the Multi-tasker can perform simultaneous functions.

Or so goes the myth.

Sometimes multi-tasking is actually trying to remain on focus on your task amid a swirl of other activity.

This is in fact what separates the Expert from the Generalist. Dedicated working space to perform tasks and think and tinker with them.

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