Nevada and North Carolina Primal

The American system of the party nominees ripping holes in each other and behaving in ways that we tell children is not the way adults behave has always seemed a bit over complicated to me – I mean how are any of the Republicans supposed to be able to work with each other never mind the other party and the other branches of government.

Anyway, it is curious that in this primary, the parties are in different states, so in the far more civil discussion over what does being a Democrat Mean:


Hilary Clinton wins Nevada with a sex worker support campaign – are women finally getting behind Hilary?

Hookers for Hillary: meet the sex workers caucusing for …

Sanders showing continues to be strong and his grassroots are growing, but at 74 could he complete a 4 year term?


Millennials should ask themselves about the workforce and the Gen X and Y when those Boomers have not left the corner offices…..should there be an age cap on being president?

Also, why does a CEO who earns more than the President take a pay cut and what does that say about conflict of interest in politics?

Today’s companies are multi-national, so it’s a curious thing about what qualifies as experience for Public Office.

North Carolina

Donald Trump has secured a massive lead heading into Super Tuesday – and it’s unclear whether Mexico will want a wall or maybe Canada… NAFTA eh?

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, the latter born in Canada are fighting it out for second place.

@4th place,  Bush legacy 3.0 has dropped out, while bizarrely the also rans continue to.

Kasich took a pass at even trying in the primary and seems to be hoping for a last establishment standing role up, since he is the one who has the more northern USA appeal.

Carson continues to remind people that he’s available.

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