Mockingbird’s Harper Lee Died

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Harper Lee has died, the world knew her as the author of To Kill a Mockingbird; a novel which also made into a movie.

The book told white people to stop genociding black people under the guise of legal pretense  from a child’s perspective to cushion it and allow liberal whites to feel superior to conservative whites and to make conservative whites face public shame.

She never published again, which makes me question the entire public assumption about what a writer is.

Now, I am not a published novelist nor have any of my scripts been made into movies in any meaningful sense of professional. I know what I am better than anyone reading this blog, so keep your comments on the topic of Harper Lee, her 2 published works and the concept of writer identity. Please and Thank You.


Then, her whole life went by and her first Draft that the publisher saw was printed.

Now – what Harper Lee wrote as a novel was “Go Set a Watchman” – the adult character telling a revealing adult moment that jars against her childhood perception of the court incident; with the layer about soldier-veterans and Shell Shock, PTSD.

The Editor of the day knew that the book as written really wasn’t going to make an impact and that lost of the heroic father and the Do the Right Thing lessons are lost in the southern genteel culture contrast in the stark reality of the times. it would only have been of the times and not that sharp a mirror, so the Editor added the Northern view and had Lee do another draft and selected the plot points into the Mockingbird story that became Pulitzer Prize, Oscar movie, thus and so, to the current day.

Harper Lee was a story teller who had 1 story in her. To my view, this is not a writer.

Lee’s life passed and in her dotage and dementia allowed the publication of her first draft, which would now be in progress, so I am unsure in the big picture, whether it matters that we see the process of how a rough work is created into literature through the writer/editor relationship through to publication and shaping for the masses into audience and genre conventions; (whew) during their lifetime or following it.



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