Understanding Political Theatre

High School never frigging fricken frakking ends: to really really understand something, don’t think of it in adult terms, think of it like explaining it to an 8th grader.: Even this Headline sounds like a Bad 80s or 90s Movie:

Super Tuesday, Dude where’s my office?

Ted Cruz worry: Big South Carolina loss equals bad Super Tuesday

The Cruz campaign appears as occupied with Marco Rubio leapfrogging them into third place as it is with catching Trump for first. It releases anti-Rubio attack ads at a daily rate and has jumped squarely into a messy, seemingly endless argument with Rubio’s over Facebook pages and

Adult men who want to convince the public that they should be President are fighting over and with facebook pages; a site that was invented for college kids to get laid.

Well done Mark Zuckerberg, well done. 


In actual Washington news, CNN reports that the body of former conservative big wheel in preventing social progress has been put on display, and with all due respect, which is none at all, the Son Father doing the ceremony in what sounds like a setting for a role playing game or period piece movie….I can only imagine what the President and First Lady thought and I hope they are enjoying champagne tonight eh:

Earlier Friday, all the current Supreme Court justices attended a private ceremony led by Scalia’s son, Father Paul Scalia, in the Great Hall.

The President and first lady stayed for roughly 25 minutes.


Meanwhile, Across the Pond or Over the Pond : the BBC reports that the UK is being Quebec to the European Union. Clue: we’re all special and unique, so treat everyone the same eh! 

EU deal gives UK special status, says PM

However, in the Public Art World – North Korea is making international headlines as exporters of overly pretentious statuary to boost testosterone and inspire female fertility – apparently no one makes Big Hyper-masculine Statues as big, bold and robust, Russia and China not longer factorizing molds.

North Korea’s ‘biggest’ export – giant statues

North-Korea-Image-photo Dakar Senegal


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