Terrorists, Torture and Tech

A long standing debate has been the idea of whether Morals/Ethics are subjective or situational.

Most people cling to a framework of ethics and then excuse themselves when they fail to live up to it, and they regard religion as superior to secular law – under the illusion of religion being handed down by a better being to special humans to pass it along to the rest of us, or secular law being what humans came up with.

Frankly, something that has a clear source makes more sense and secular law offers more protections to people from others, while religion is mostly an excuse to eliminate or subjugate all others.

One of the most usual scenarios pondered about torture is if it is okay to harm one to save many others. Doing Good does not arise from bad actions and torture as proven time and time again to only be effective at creating more terror and not resolving it.

Currently, the USA law enforcement are in possession of an iphone from known criminals who may have been terrorists, it was a workplace disgruntlement shooting primary.

Apple is refusing to unlock the phone,claiming it can’t or doesn’t have the ability to override it’s own software.

The general concept of consumer privacy does stand against the government’s having this generally, allowing for innocent until proven guilty.

Certainly, a phone by phone decision can be made when circumstances are this clear so as to not impede the investigation.

but the public has demonstrated time and time again, that they would rather give up privacy for the illusion of security.


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