If we ever needed Aquaman…

Baby dolphin ‘killed’ by tourists who passed it around for selfies

Endangered baby dolphin dies after swimmers pass it around

A selfie mob in Argentina may have killed a dolphin – Vox

Franciscana dolphin not killed by tourist selfies on Argentina …

metro.co.uk › World › Animals

16 hours ago – Well the photographer who took those photos, which went viral yesterday, has said the dolphin was dead BEFORE tourists started taking selfies …   

aquaman aquaman
Aquaman, the hero of the oceans who could telepathically protect fish… Poseidon in Spandex and a Cape, eh?
Whether it was alive or dead, people need to not treat wildlife like toys…have we reached peak selfie yet?
Disgust, revulsion and offense – these are emotions but also a value judgement, which intensifies them.
They are also part of our contamination fears and health and safety between people and toxic things in the environment.
So the instinctive recoil blurs with the brain glitching that happens when emotions overtake reason.
The ironic – as in not funny but counter- intuitive is that any and most of that Selfish Mob.. Selfie Mob would likely be appalled and upset if they had heard of the event and hadn’t been a participant.
That permissible possible of lowest common denominator, or just being human in the moment…such as that is.
tumblr_inline_nun7w2x4Ru1rbe7dr_500 Refugees-selfie-stick
So…what we have now in the world is a lot of people and we can’t all live the same way, we need novelty.
Stop fighting over who has the best imaginary friend, they are all equally valid and equally foolish.
the after life that people need to remember about is the one that everyone else has after they are gone
we do not inherit from the past, we borrow from the future.
a91bde503673d6f4afe7428b36a4bd09 simplemath
we don’t need super heros, we need everyday ones….
Starwars-troops 10_funniest_star_wars_motivational_posters_ever_8 hare1spock-says-idle-no-more
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