Flamewar: Trump vs The Pope

The Pope

Pope Francis said “a person who thinks only about building walls… and not of building bridges, is not Christian”.

In response to a question about whether contraception was allowed to prevent the transmission of the Zika virus, the Pope said that for some cases the “lesser of two evils” can be used. He said abortion “is a crime, an absolute evil,” but that avoiding pregnancy is not.

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The Trump

“For a religious leader to question a person’s faith is disgraceful. I am proud to be a Christian,” Mr Trump said. “No leader, especially a religious leader, should have the right to question another man’s religion or faith.”

“[The pope] said negative things about me. Because the Mexican government convinced him that Trump is not a good guy,” he said.


Pope Francis questions Donald Trump’s Christianity


So, The Pope, who is a leader of a religion that is embedded in many nations is verbally sparring with The Donald who is seeking to be CEO of America.

The Donald is in err, it is religious leaders who set the tone for their followers, and Trump has never claimed to be a Catholic and only recently has mentioned being Christian, which is a generic term for all the splinters off the Catholic line – who is the oldest operating christian church, who became powerful by propping up leaders of nations and genocide, and in fact, did build walls to protect themselves from those they slaughtered.

China built a wall too to maintain isolation, which they are emerging from and have built on their industrial revolution and are now sporting a new middle class and are overflowing with wealthy class industrialist CEOs.

So it’s not disgusting for a religion leader to question a follower.

That said, the Pope is totally blowing smoke, because genocide, wall building, divide and conquer is exactly what Christians do. and Islam/Muslim are the same religion in a different context. Shias and Sunnis and Kurds,Protestant, Baptist. Orthodox Greek, Byzantine Russia oh my. in America, they also invented Mormon, Satanism and this whole Interfaith fuzzy where they vaguely admit to being Jewish 2.0 and 3.0 and 2.5 whatever.

Religion is exactly saying who is in and who is out of the group.

And The Donald is correct in that it is disgusting when a person uses the power of their office to exclude others and The Donald, not having an irony metre to detect that…. well.

Imagine someone not wanting him in their club when they take just every body!

People who identify primarily as a member of religion, does not confer goodness or morality or even manners upon them.

It is very much claiming a collection of assumptions that are not supported by history or by any examples who don the mantle.

No one needs to point to the witch hunts of Europe or the inquisition to point to the evils of the church – it’s constant state of corrupted decay is why there are so many splinter groups to begin with.

We can pretty much point to the last century of Vatican Sex Crimes against children around the globe, and in  Canada, the Indian Residential Schools and all the orphanages and schools for disabled kids that they operated.

Every time there is a need to express in law that it’s not okay to discriminate, it’s religion that fights because without scapegoats, where are they? who do they have to be better than?

Which alone shows how much, a person is not better by fact of a religion or spiritalism, religion lazy, all the silliness with none of the obligation. It is adopting an external framework upon which to justify and validate one’s internal crapulence.

We can point to that religions are not content to mind their flock, but to control even those who are not members of their group – impeding the very freedom of people to practice or not

The Vatican has interfered with the internal politics of every nation where they operate their circle jerk of church and state.

So, to The Pope and to The Donald: You are both bad guys.

Memo to Pope: Apologize


The Pope, Dali Lama and Aga Khan Walk into a Bar


Pope-A-Palooza USA: Republicans Implode


I remember the last pope threatening to ex-communicate Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin over marriage equality in 2003.

It’s time to tax the churches and compensation for their victims besides.

If they are so moral and ethical, how do they continue to say no to ending global poverty – the Vatican is the original bank and the world’s biggest economy.

Honestly, America is the land of litigation….

Pope offers forgivess to contrite abortionatrixes


what’s disgraceful is the idea of willful ignorance being deemed a good thing.

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6 Responses to Flamewar: Trump vs The Pope

  1. swordwhale says:

    Religion and stuff…

    I have to admit to disagreeing with many points in many great religions. And to their all too human failures. I must also point out that Religion is a human construct, humans filtering Spiritual Wisdom (so, we’re part of the Universe, so methinks there’s a lot of inherent wiring in brains for “Spiritual Stuff” whatever that may be… it’s the translating it into Mugglese that’s the difficult part)… through our little brains and sensory apparatus into actual language and pictures and films and things and stuffs is where it gets scrambled.

    My view: It’s out there, or in here, it surrounds us penetrates us…(OK Obi-Wan)…
    …we suck at translating it into Mugglese. And when we construct Religions and Churches it gets bound up in human politics and wealth and power and oh look there’s the Evil Empire again and where are Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker…

    So i started out as a Lutheran, became a Unitarian Universalist, worked with Hindus and Muslims and Wiccans and Atheists and everybody else, and it’s really just between You and the Universe after all.

    But pick up Nerf Mjolnir and smite some heads and keep things changing for the better.

    Liked by 1 person

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