Why Clinton Must Be President


1984 was the first time that a woman even ran for Vice President.

1988 Mike Dukakis, the son of immigrants wanting to prove the American promise of anyone born there could be president, he lost to Bush. America has a habit of voting for the most to the manor born, despite being founded on the idea of the individual as the social unit of consequence.

America is also founded on the idea of non-hereditary rule, so therein begins to arise the problem of America’s Dynastic Families that have arised from the Robber Barons of the 1900s and who oversaw the industrial age into the modern era.

George W Bush, former CIA head became president. Meanwhile, future tv president Jimmy Smits and Rob Lowe added star power to the Dukakis Democrats and it was really too bad that Olympia Dukakis who was enjoying star power of her own, didn’t help for a win.

tmih-oct-debate1 reality checking

Meanwhile, the next time a woman got a heartbeat next to VP nod was Palin over Mitt Romney, which says a lot and fortunately, the first not-white (but half white) man Presidented, but it being America – the first Black President, the first one to really unite the whole country symbolically as a person. so that year, either way the Dems were making a statement about the job not being only for white men.

20080830_palin_announc usa-election-trump

Women are under represented and that America still does not offer legal equality to women should be the wake up call that the millennials need. You don’t have the rights that you think you do, equality of women is only in Canada in North America, eh.

Liberal Mindfulness

It’s not (just) that Hilary’s paid her dues and it’s her turn or something, and it’s not that she is the first woman to run for the top job or that she continued to contribute when she didn’t get the nod, so it’s not just that the party owes her, and they do big time.

Although I think Al Gore is the only one who got to go from VP to President Nominee; certainly on the Republican side, there’s been little percentage in going from nom competitor to nom and VP sidekick. The Quayle Outmaneuver!  

Putting aside what is history for millennials and nostalgia for Gen X because today feels a lot like that yesteryear, when the incompetents then seem like elder statesman now:

It is really that men need a smackdown, and nothing would piss off the republicans more than Hilary, for them, Bernie would be a return to what they want – a white man in the white house.


Well, I would like to remind Americans that the place was not originally called The White House and that it wasn’t even white to start.

It was white washed to hide smoke damage after we Canadians set fire to it during our continental war of 1812, after we won, and did that damage, we felt so bad that we ceded the disputed territory to you. It’s a hold over from our British side of meander in and organization the natives, grabbing the gold and hightailing it back home for tea, eh, be it Canada, India, Australia or shipping around China, the African Horn and colonization, sun never sets on empires… oops, guess it does now, superpowers too.

Sorry, we really didn’t mean to give you that isolationist insecurity resulting in your military overcompensation, being the Roman Empire of the modern Era and all.

But the reality is that the Cold War of USA vs USSR bankrupted you the way that the 2 European wars ended the Colonial Era.

Hail the new Industrial Factory Era: The Rise of China and their new middle class.

http://www.ritholtz.com/blog/2012/08/iceland-did-it-right-and-everyone-else-is-doing-it-wrong/Clarence Thomas Montasano's Man

  1. I am unsure that America is ready to handle the Canadianization of their nation that Bernie Sanders really represents – caring about each other’s success as much as your own, because that’s collective community building, where The People actually exist and matter to each other.
  2. Clinton is Democratic Establishment and she can eat Republicans for breakfast, while Bernie has that crazy professor millennial appeal, she is world stage sized.

Prison911 lessons

As much as the Republicans don’t want to hear it, 9/11 happened on Bush the Lessor’s watch. is it an interesting strategy that Trump has to introduce some truth into their internal party public debate.

because capitolismbig picture

people ask: why are girls and boys expecting that dinner buys sex?

Republic Rape 2 Republic Rape 1

so… follow the leader… consider the followers…. consider who serves your interests better, but also looks out for everyone.

The Republicans are the no choice for women, you are brood mares for any man who can take you – do not mistake or underestimate what you are being told about your worth as a person.

the one percent own halfreligion vs science

The Republicans freed the slaves and that was the last good thing they did.

The Democrats lead the civil rights and the religions held it back, because being religion is only about claiming to be better because of religion. Which has no place in government.


Sexism is highly correlated with ethnic bigotry, religion and low IQ; but it is not entirely caused by it…..

Repugnant GOP war on drugs

In Most Countries, when you vote for the leader, be it President or Prime Minister or one of each, system depending – you are voting for the leader of your nation.

In Other Countries, are you have a hereditary military theocratic dictator, whom you may or may not have to go through the theatre of voting in single candidate or numbered ballots systems, so you have that person.

There are however a few nations – and America is the #1 in that regard, and that is a fact not patriotism, because I am Canadian and not American, but I am North American.

The UN security counsel permanent member nations, the Big Table Nations, are voting for someone to be in this group.

So there is, with world power a responsibility to use it – and if you are in a country were you have actual elections and not rigged ones, you throw away a vote that other people are dying to be able to cast. Literally dying but not the new figurative literal, but actual deaths, statistics and everything.

but it’s also putting someone in this photo of the leaders of the world and you see men of all colours and colors, eh. not many woman and too many national medias block those out.

so… American Women – tell the men around the world that it’s not okay to push around women.

and Hillary Clinton, never ever dress in the fashion of any other nation than your own. and tell men that they can’t tell women how to dress. ever. again.


China, Canada and Indigenous Peoples, eh?


Canada vs America: Culture


Missing Women

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