Conservatives vs Liberals

Conservatives want Liberals to have a brain, while Liberals want conservatives to have a heart.

Conservatives do not understand that co-operation is better and the quality of their brains is greatly lacking, being entirely self centred and awash in terror that other people don’t see them the same way they do.

Conservatives care about loyality to group, but they are not able to generalize beyond that.

They are the status quo to overcome and they are on the wrong side of history because progress is inevitable.


the generations turn is happening and apparently it is knowing that other people exist that makes people become more social and tolerant, when they know that they know some.


The American Supreme Court can’t be down a justice and the increasing terror from the Republican Presidential Nominee Clown Car just demonstrates their lack of qualifications and understanding of the law as it is.

The republican party by taking this stand against the president, against the institutions of their nation is appalling and the craven indifference they show to the american public is breathtaking.

Apparently, being a heteronormative gun owning missionary sex only is only sustainable as long as no one realizes there are other options.

The Republican Blues

being tolerant actually  means not tolerating intolerance

it;s not a way for people to find other ways to be self centred jerks

so at least the bigots have the comfort of being correct in their understanding they are being told to shut up and yield the public square for others to have a turn

and the longer they drag it out, the more in affirmative action social compensation it’s going to cost.

Republicans to Rethuglicans


Republican Trio: Cruz, Rubio and Trump


Law: letter, spirit and intent


Canada vs America: Culture


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