The Catholic Church Undone

Pope John Paul 2, who poped for a very long time, turns out to have had a courtly lover if not an actual one – and a married woman at that.

Pope John Paul II letters reveal 32-year relationship with woman

Pope John Paul letters reveal ‘intense’ friendship … –

math vs religionPope capitolism quote

Phrases like “intense friendship” are usually used for people of the same gender,but whatever.

Celibacy doesn’t work – people need to be intimately connected with other people.

water and airBible Earth Viewno borders

then, there are these letters, which also demonstrate the need to connect with other humans and not slavish devotion to something that doesn’t exist.

Letters reveal Mother Teresa’s doubt about faith | Reuters


Mother Teresa’s ’40-year faith crisis’ – Telegraph

chriistianity nutshellhard vs soft science

it is sad enough that these people wasted their lives on religion, but it is horrifying that they have wasted generations in nations all over the world and deprived others of living fully and authentically as humans

Borgia PrinceReligion 101


Religion vs Reality Memes

Us vs Them cognitive dissonance



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